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My 10 Useful Tips For Starting A New Blog

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I was asked recently:

What tips/best practices can you share with me as someone who is just starting out?

At first, I gave a one-sentence answer but, now that I’ve had time to think about it, there are 10 tips I’d share with anyone who is starting a new blog.

Here they are.


10 Tips For Starting A New Blog

(1) Know Your Why

Why do you want to start a blog?

Are you looking to start a new, meaningful hobby?

Maybe you’re interested in creating a personal brand?

Or is it simply because you want to make some extra cash?

All these reasons are valid! Just make sure you know why you want to start.

You’ll need this to help you keep going during the highs and the lows.


(2) Don’t Get Hung Up On Perfect. Focus On Done.

Here’s the truth, it’s very easy to look at other bloggers, see how well they’re doing today, and want to achieve their “perfect” platform as soon as you start.

Please don’t get stuck doing this!

First of all, every blogger (including myself) can assure you that we didn’t start with the platform you see today.

We took action and just started, allowing ourselves to grow along the way.

Please be kind to yourself and focus on getting your blog done!

Which leads me to my next point.


(3) Use What You Have To Start

I say this constantly!

But it’s because I really believe it’s an important thing to remember!

Like I shared in my 7 Secrets To Becoming An Influential Blogger, use what you have. Even if that’s just a cellphone!

You don’t need the perfect tools to be great at this!

You need to:

  1. Start
  2. Use the tools and resources you have strategically!

At the beginning of my journey, I had an iPhone, a laptop and a co-worker who was willing to take photos for me. That’s all I used to get started.

Summer Crop Top Outfit With Headwrap


(4) Find Your Audience. Don’t Focus on Family & Friends.

That’s right. Don’t focus on family and friends.

Find the people who need your content!

So if you create content about beauty for women of color, find women of color that are interested in makeup.

Are you writing content for working moms who want to be stylish after giving birth? Position your content in front of the postpartum crowd.

If your family and friends happen to need your service, then definitely view them as your audience.

But please don’t force someone to become your customer!


(5) Stick To Two Social Media Accounts

I bet you didn’t expect this one in a post with tips on starting a new blog…but here it is anyway.

In order to work smarter and not harder, I strongly suggest that you commit to TWO social media accounts.

It helps you avoid being overwhelmed and maintain consistency, which always grows a loyal following!

Now, how do you choose these 2 social media platforms?

Determine which platforms you’ll use based on your Target Audience.

For example, according to Morning Brew (one of my favorite business blogs), 22-26-year-olds prefer “YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram in that order.” On the other hand, “13- to 16-year-olds are nowΒ as likely to use TikTok…as Facebook or Twitter.”

So if you’re target audience is 25-34-year-olds, YouTube, Facebook or Instagram may be your most strategic marketing play.


(6) Please, Turn On Your Analytics

This starting a new blog tip is especially important for content creators who want to monetize their brand.

Brands want to see what impact your blog posts, photos and/or videos have with their ideal target audience.

Analytics help them understand this!

And I know numbers are scary but they also help you too!

For example, how would you know the amount of website traffic you’re getting without using Google Analytics?

Or, how would you know how many website clicks a post got on Instagram without a Business or Creator account?

I could keep going but you get the gist!

Turn on those analytics, sis!


(7) Work Smarter, Not Harder With SEO

Would you like to get FREE traffic from search engines, such as Google and Yahoo? Then SEO is the content marketing tool for you.

SEO aka Search Engine Optimization is “a free and strategic way to increase the amount and quality of traffic your blog receives.”

To practice this content marketing tip, you’ll need to add keywords to your blog website.

Thankfully there are a few free SEO tools you can use! I’ve listed my favorites here for you.


(8) Create Content Based On Your Life, Not The Other Way Around

Yes, I said it!

Please don’t get caught up creating content based on a life you don’t really have. That is not authentic!

And unfortunately, I’ve seen influencers get canceled for trying to do this.

Anyway, you don’t need to pretend to be someone else to be a successful blogger.

The world needs you, just as you are!

That’s what is the most impactful and inspiring!


(9) Tag Businesses In Your Content

Do you want to get brands’ attention and show them you’re an influencer they should work with?


This a key to landing brand partnerships, especially on Instagram!

Whether you realize it or not, companies do pay attention to what is being said about them online. So if you add your content in the mix, they will see you as a true brand advocate!

And being a brand advocate opens the door for you to get paid πŸ’°.


(10) Don’t Stop Creating & Sharing Content Because Of Low Numbers

I know the pain of posting a photo on Instagram or writing a long post on my blog only to hear crickets and see low numbers.

But I’ve also learned that this DOES NOT mean my content sucks!

What it DOES mean is that I need to promote my content more, or shift the way I’ve shared the post and photo.

It could even mean that I need to reassess how I look at the numbers.

For example, on Instagram, some of my least liked posts have resulted in more website clicks for my blog like this one below.


View this post on Instagram


Can I let you in on a little secret?⁣ ⁣ The content you’re scared to share IS the content you need to create.⁣ ⁣ Last year when I opened up about my postpartum surgery and the healing process, I had no idea that it would touch so many women in the way it did.⁣ ⁣ All I remember is staying up until 3 AM, writing a post that was SO raw that I had to put the PG-13 disclaimer in the beginning. ⁣ ⁣ I mean I was talking about my private parts for Pete’s sake! ⁣ ⁣ But when I received a DM from a complete stranger who said that she had the same condition as I did and that her doctors didn’t know what to do, I knew in that moment that my post had a purpose. It had an impact.⁣ ⁣ To my fellow content creators (and to the aspiring ones) ➑ WRITE that blog post. SHARE that photo. CREATE that video. START that podcast.⁣ ⁣ You have no idea who needs it!

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That’s It!

So there it is! My 10 tips for starting a new blog.

Which one was the most useful for you?
10 Useful Tips for Starting A New Blog
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