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15 Compliments You Can Tell Yourself Every Once In A While

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Sometimes the self-care you need is a sticky note that says, “I’m that bitch.”

Because an important part of investing in yourself is to compliment yourself!

And what better time to start the positive self-talk than a new decade?


Why You Should Compliment Yourself

When you encourage and compliment yourself, you unlock your confidence!

And if there’s anything I’ve learned during the past few years, it’s that self-confidence is life-changing.

When you change your internal dialogue and focus on the positive, you begin to believe that you can achieve what you want.

This mindful practice then unleashes the power of the law of attraction in your life, helping you reach your goals!

As I’ve started to intentionally do this in my life, I’ve begun to see growth in my career and family that were stagnant before.

By the way, what is the law of attraction? Simply put, it’s the principle that whatever you focus on is what you’ll attract into your life.

So why not focus on the good and manifest more of that in your everyday?


15 Compliments You Can Tell Yourself

If you’re ready to start this mindfulness exercise, here are a few compliments you can tell yourself every once in a while.


(1) I Am Brave

This is a great perspective when you tried something new or just tried in general.

Most of the time, especially if we don’t meet our expectations, we tend to tell ourselves that we failed. But this is not true.

The truth is that we did something different despite our fears.


I Am Brave - 15 Ways To Compliment Yourself


(2) I Am Creative

Being creative isn’t reserved for the people who can sew, paint and do anything DIY.

You are also creative if you found a new way to solve a problem!

Maybe that’s creating a way to meal prep for the week as I did, or maybe you always know what to say to make someone feel better.


I Am Creative - 15 Ways To Compliment Yourself


(3) I Am Loved

Sometimes we feel like no one really cares.

I know because this negative thought has entered my mind during tough emotional times.

And I know I’m not the only one.

Here’s the truth though, we are loved.

Whether it’s our puppy running up to us when we return home, a friend buying us coffee or a simple ‘Happy Birthday’ text, we receive different forms of love each and every day.


I Am Loved - 15 Ways To Compliment Yourself


(4) I Am Resilient

Have you ever had a tough day? Week? Month or year?

Don’t lie now!

We all have had those, and guess what, we survived!

That is cause for celebration and a reminder that we are stronger than we think.


I Am Resilient - 15 Ways To Compliment Yourself


(5) I Am Sincere

Whew, this is another one I highly advise you use when you compliment yourself!

Sometimes situations, and people, may make you second-guess your actions.

But here’s the truth, once you did your best, you were completely sincere.


I Am Sincere - 15 Ways To Compliment Yourself


(6) I Am Successful

Forget about money, likes, and fame.

Did you complete a goal that you had set out to do?

What about that win you had the other day when you became really good at something?

Listen, if you set out to do something and you accomplished it, YOU ARE SUCCESSFUL!

I Am Successful - 15 Ways To Compliment Yourself


(7) I Am Great At Being Myself

The women we most admire are those that are unapologetically themselves like the well-known author, Brene Brown and the innovative business mogul, Rihanna.

And I want to encourage you to add yourself to the mix.

Every time you set a boundary where it was needed, spoke up for yourself or simply dressed how you wanted for an activity, you unapologetically showed up as yourself.


I Am Great At Being Myself - 15 Ways To Compliment Yourself


(8) I Have Grown

Remember what you were doing at the beginning of this decade? Or maybe just the beginning of last year?

You’re not in the same spot, right?

You’re not even the same person!

That’s called growth!


I Have Grown - 15 Ways To Compliment Yourself


(9) I Am Capable

Allow me to take a minute and speak to the moms here.

You gave birth to an entire human being!

If your kid is a year old, you’ve also managed to keep them alive for 365 days!

Mama, look at what you’ve done. YOU ARE CAPABLE of so much!

I Am Capable - 15 Ways To Compliment Yourself


(10) I Know My Worth

Every time that you said, ‘No’ to something that didn’t work for you, you confirmed that you know your worth.

Maybe you left a relationship that wasn’t the best.

Or, maybe you turned down a job that would not satisfy your family’s needs.


I Know My Worth - 15 Ways To Compliment Yourself


(11) I Am Giving

Reflect on the past year or years.

When you were willing to give time to a cause you felt passionate about, or you showed up to your girlfriend’s house with wine when she was going through a rough time, you displayed giving.

Even when you gave money to a friend at their baby shower, or just because.


I Am Giving - 15 Ways To Compliment Yourself


(12) I Am Diplomatic

In the moments you were able to resolve or de-escalation a sensitive situation, you proved that YOU ARE DIPLOMATIC.

It doesn’t matter if it was at work or personally

I Am Diplomatic - 15 Ways To Compliment Yourself


(13) I Can Adapt.

You’ve learned how to manage your time.

You have thrived despite schedule changes.

This means YOU CAN ADAPT.

Take pride in that.

I Can Adapt - 15 Ways To Compliment Yourself


(14) I Am Hilarious

Some people have the gift fo making people laugh, lighting up the room or the group chat, with smiles.

If you’re one of those people, YOU ARE HILARIOUS.

We all could use a person like you in our lives.

I Am Hilarious - 15 Ways To Compliment Yourself


(15) I Am Persistent

You, sis, never give up.

When school was tough, you persisted.

When you heard ‘No‘ instead of ‘Yes,’ you persisted.


I Am Persistent - 15 Ways To Compliment Yourself


Which compliment will you start saying to yourself today?
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