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Women’s Overalls

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Are women’s overalls back in style in 2017?

Heck yes they are!

Overalls, particularly denim ones, are being worn by celebrities like Olivia Palermo, Zoe Saldana, Yara Shahidi, and Jourdan Dunn. They’re no longer a childish  piece. In fact, they’re quite updated, stylish and incredibly comfortable.

It’s like the 90s have comeback with a bang!

So are you in?


Why You Need A Pair

I know that just being trendy isn’t your focus. Nowadays, you’re more interested in purchasing wardrobe essentials and fashionable items that will help further define your personal style at an affordable cost.

Trust me, I’m there too. That’s why I love overalls.

  1. They’re budget-friendly. You can find overalls in a range of stores, including department stores like H&M and T.J. Maxx. And don’t forget Goodwill! I actually found the pair I own at a thrift store on a random visit after work!
  2. They’re versatile. Overalls can be worn during any season and layered with a wide variety of items. They even translate well from day to night. All this means you will definitely get you’re money’s worth.
  3. Any woman can wear them. That’s right! Whether you’re petite, curvy or have a boyish frame, overalls will work for you!

With that in mind, how should you rock this trend this year?

I thought you’d never ask.

Here are 15 chic ways to wear women’s overalls from various fashionistas around the world.


15 Chic Ways to Wear Women’s Overalls

(1) Sleeveless Turtleneck

This simple leather backpack look that I wore at the beginning of April in Columbus, OH (and blogged about here) is a sure winner for an updated weekend uniform.

Denim Overalls + Sleeveless Turtleneck | 15 Chic Ways To Wear Women''s Overalls


(2) Oversized Cardigan

Spring days are a mixture of cold and warm. So to navigate the changing weather, pair your overalls with an oversized cardigan like Alexa of Fashion Revolutionary, a fashion blogger who was born in the Dominican Republic but struts her stuff in New York.

Denim Overalls + Oversized Cardigan | 15 Chic Ways To Wear Women's Overalls - Alexa Fashion Revolutionary


(3) Striped Blouse + Hat

Let your outfit do the talking while you wear a denim overalls dress, striped blouse and hat like British fashionista, YaaLia.

Denim Overalls Dress + Striped Blouse + Hat | 15 Chic Ways To Wear Women's Overalls - YaaLia


(4) Bandeau

Make statement with a fitted pair of denim overalls and a bandeau. Plus if your overalls are flared, hold your head up high. A little flare never hurt anyone! Take a cue from Ashleigh of The Daileigh.

Flared Denim Overalls + Bandeau | 15 Chic Ways To Wear Women's Overalls - The Daileigh


(5) Lace Top

This right here is a stroke of genius by Blake Von D from Chicago, IL. The amazing lace design and statement sleeves of the blouse are definitely très chic.

Lace Top + Denim Overalls | 15 Chic Ways To Wear Women's Overalls - Blake Von D


(6) Turtleneck

This time with sleeves, and a change of color palette. It’s a style that’s best for colder temperatures but there’s no shame in preparing your wardrobe for the snow now. Lifestyle and beauty influencer, Ronke, is a Nigerian gal in the DMV who gives us a preview to this fresh take on styling overalls.

Turtleneck + White Overalls | 15 Chic Ways to Wear Women's Overalls - ronkeraji


(7) Cropped Turtleneck

Cropped and sporty! That’s how Mirian, a West African blogger in Toronto, Canada shows off her positive fun-loving attitude. If you’re anything like her, grab a pair of tennis shoes and rock this look as you push forward to pursuing great opportunities.

Cropped Turtleneck + Denim Overalls | Sporty Casual Outfit | 15 Chic Ways To Wear Women's Overalls


(8) Hijab

Listen Linda!! If you are sleeping on Muslimah fashion, you need to get with the program. No, that does not mean you should appropriate their culture in ANY WAY!! However, if you have a friend or two who is looking for a way to enhance their personal style and respect their religious beliefs, show them this beyond cool tomboy style by Naballah from Trinidad and Tobago.

Hijab + Overalls | Muslimah Fashion | 15 Chic Ways To Wear Women's Overalls


(9) One-Shoulder

Have you heard? The one-shoulder style is back. You don’t need to have a one-sleeve blouse to wear this trend. All you have to do is just attach one strap of your overalls like Eda from San Francisco does in the photo below. Talk about a great style hack! Not to mention one that will still keep you looking like a grown up.

Black Overalls | One Shoulder Overalls Outfit | 15 Chic Ways To Wear Women's Overalls


(10) Nothing

Yep, nothing. Trust me, if it’s 90+ degrees outside you won’t want that much on anyway. Ashley from LA knows exactly how that feels.

Corduroy Overalls Outfit | Summer Style | 15 Chic Ways To Wear Women's Overalls


(11) Blazer

There’s no need to actually make it obvious that your wearing overalls. To pull of this innovative look, leave your overalls’ straps down and then throw on your favorite blazer. Need a visual example? Mexican fashionista, Genesis of Brunette Braid is perfect!

Blazer + Overalls | 15 Chic Ways To Wear Women's Overalls - Mexican Blogger Brunette Braid


(12) Flower Crown

Continuing with the no-straps look when wearing overalls, Canadian blogger, Alanna of Xander Vintage shows us how you can add a bit of boho to an urban street style look.

Flower Crown + Camo Overalls | Overalls + Heels Outfit | 15 Chic Ways To Wear Women's Overalls


(13) Off-the-shoulder

It was only a matter of time until we got here. The off-the-shoulder trend is still going strong. So why not pair this flirty style with overalls? New Jersey fashionista, Raelizabeth, is a great example of how to do this.

Off The Shoulder Blouse + Corduroy Overalls | 15 Chic Ways To Wear Women's Overalls


(14) Scarf

Want to add a little but of fun to your outfit? Bring back your overalls with a scarf tied as a bow like I did in March.

Two-toned heels and denim overalls


(15) Monochrome

Ever thought about keeping your overalls and blouse underneath one color? Surprisingly I hadn’t either until I saw Bárbara Marques from Portugal slay in this all pink look. And since pink is in, why not?

All Pink Outfit | Monochrome Overalls Outfit | 15 Chic Ways To Wear Women's Overalls


5 Stores With Overalls You Can Buy Today!

Now that you’ve seen these fifteen chic ways to wear overalls, here are 5 stores that have a wide variety of overalls you can (and should) buy today!


(1) ASOS

Whether you’re petite, slender, plus size or expecting, ASOS has affordable, high quality overalls that you can rock this Spring/Summer season. Here are a few pairs for you to choose from.

(2) Charlotte Russe

This Spring/Summer, Charlotte Russe stores offer a variety of distressed denim overalls for curvy women. Just look at the options below.


(3) Forever 21

Grab your new favorite pair of overalls here, especially if you’re looking for a large variety of colors and styles that are most definitely on trend.

(4) TJ Maxx

TJ Maxx has some short denim overalls that will be perfect for you! Not to mention there’s a patchwork and flared style that is to die for (well not literally lol).

(5) Nordstrom / Nordstrom Rack

Are you going to make your overalls a weekend staple? Have a bigger budget to work with? Then get your overalls from Nordstrom or Nordstrom Rack!

Which overalls style would you like to magically appear in your wardrobe right now?

15 Chic Ways To Wear Women's Overalls - Bloggers Around the World | Overalls Outfit
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