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20 Surprisingly Brilliant Ways to Dress for a Movie

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Keep Calm and Watch Disney Movies.

That was my motto as a little girl.

My favorite was actually Beauty & the Beast. According to my mom, I watched it repeatedly everyday from 2 to 3 years old in my jammies (aka pajamas) on those old things called VHS tapes. That must have been crazy lol, endlessly rewinding the video content at a super slow pace.

However, that wasn’t the only movie memory I treasured.

I remember when my family and I used to go to the drive-in on Friday nights. We were all decked out in our comfy casual clothes, ready to watch the latest movie releases that had made it to our tiny island.

In either situation, I was dressed for the occasion so I figured that the same thing applies to life today.


20 Movie Night Outfit Ideas

What sparked this trip down memory lane?

The Beauty & the Beast movie launch this past Friday.

Whether you’re going to have a movie night in with the girls or a casual date night, here are 20 surprisingly brilliant ways to dress for a movie.


(1) Overalls & Plaid

Resurrect your overalls and then tie a plaid button down shirt around your waist to create a fun outfit. It’s perfect for a casual night out in the Spring or Summer.

Denim Overalls Outfit - 30 Surprisingly Brilliant Ways to Dress for a Movie



(2) Lightweight Pieces

These two sister bloggers from Puerto Rico offer a unique way to style lightweight pieces on their blog, Colorful Disaster. Take notes, especially if you live in warmer temperatures!

Colorful Disaster | Button Down Sleeveless Dress | Floral Romper | Summer Outfit Ideas - 30 Surprisingly Brilliant Ways To Dress For A Movie



(3) Peak-A-Boo Blouse

Take a style cue from Dominique of The Style Domination. As she said in one of her latest fashion posts, “dominate your chic comfortable style” with a peek-a-boo shoulders top like this one from Sympli.

Style Domination in Sympli-NuGlimpseT | Peek-A-Boo Shoulders Top Outfit


(4) Full On Denim

I can’t stress enough how much of a go-to a full denim look can be for any fashionista. Don’t believe me? Check out how Maya Kelley from The Kelley Doll styles the classic denim on denim ensemble.



(5) Kimono & White

It’s Spring right now! So why not bring out the florals and dare to wear shorts with stylish wedges? Look to Taste Treaty for a great example of this type of look.

Floral Kimono Outfit - 30 Surprisingly Brilliant Ways To Dress For A Movie


(6) Pink Skirt & A Leather Jacket

Do you love mixing soft and hard pieces? Or, do you want to try it for the first time? You can literally copy the outfit below that was styled by Liz from Downtown Demure.

Pink Pleated Skirt and Leather Jacket Outfit - 30 Surprisingly Brilliant Ways To Dress For A Movie


(7) Easy, Breezy Stripes

Create effortless street style with a striped dress like Leslie from Haute Mommie.

Pink Striped Dress + Denim Jacket | 30 Surprisingly Brilliant Ways to Dress For A Movie


(8) Pretty In Pink

Yes, you read that right. It’s another pink outfit idea but this time with an off-the-shoulder top! Besides the fact that this beauty, Candace, is from my second home in Columbus, OH – her outfit is an affordable option for your casual night out.

Pink Off The Shoulder Top Outfit | 30 Surprisingly Brilliant Ways To Dress For A Movie


(9) Harem Pants & A Crop Top

Looking for some curvy women fashion inspiration? Tap into your nautical instincts like Gabi Fresh.



(10) Luxe PJs

After reading Stylish Lee’s post about adoring herself on Valentine’s Day, I fell in love with the idea of dressing the part even when spending the night in. If you’re anything like me and like to spend some time by yourself every now and then for self-care, this luxe pajama outfit is for you.

Luxe Pajamas - 30 Surprisingly Brilliant Ways To Dress For A Movie


(11) Onesie Chic

A onesie is perfect for the infamous ‘Netflix and Chill’ night. It’s comfortable and requires little to no makeup!

Cheetah Onesie Movie Night In Outfit


(12) Print Blues

Let’s not forget that there’s always room for a colorful print dress, especially when going to the movies. Amber from All The Cute opted to wear hers on a warm, sunny day in March! Doesn’t she look wonderful?

blue-loft-dress - 30 Surprisingly Brilliant Ways To Dress For A Movie


(13) Bold & Beautiful

That simply means that wearing a bold and colorful dress is another doable way to dress for a movie. And if you happen to see a bright wall around, snap an unforgettable photo like Ianthia Smith from Miniskirts & Microphones.

Emerald Green Dress - 30 Surprisingly Brilliant Ways to Dress for a Movie


(14) Flirty & Sporty

Can you tell that pink is the color of the moment? It could be that I’m just obsessed with it. Nevertheless, with Carolyn Carter’s flirty and sporty dress below, could you blame me?

Floral Lattice Dress - 30 Surprisingly Brilliant Ways to Dress for a Movie


(15) Leather on Leather

Any leather addicts here? Then this is the outfit for you!

Rock N' Roll - All Leather Winter Outfit


(16) Choker & An Oversized Shirt

You know those super long shirts in the stores these days? Those are perfect for a casual night out look! To accessorize, all you’d need is a choker. Patricia from Chic and Cherry pulls it off effortlessly.

Oversized Shirt Dress Outfit - 30 Surprisingly Brilliant Ways to Dress for a Movie


(17) Floral Power

Ok so how about if you decided to mix an off-the-shoulder top with floral palazzo pants like the fab founder of Brown Girl Bloggers, Candice Vanwye?

Off the shoulder top + floral palazzo pants - 30 Surprisingly Brilliant Ways to Dress for a Movie


(18) 90’s Inspired

Are you recently pregnant? That doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice your style. Take a cue from Dilieny Rodriguez of Love, Fashion & Friends, and channel your 90’s inspired style with a bodycon dress and platform sneakers.

90's Inspired Style | Bodycon Dress & Platform Sneakers Outfit - 30 Surprisingly Brilliant Ways to Dress for a Movie


(19) Fuzzy Sweater Style

If it’s still a little chilly where you are, pair a fuzzy sweater with skinny jeans like Alexa from Fashion Revolutionary.

Tobi Fuzzy Sweater Outfit


(20) Blue Jeans & Fishnets

Has the recent fishnets trend peaked your interest? Good! Take notes on how to rock this new accessory with blue jeans from Michelle of J’Adore Mi Amor.

Blue Jeans and Fishnets Outfit

And that’s it!

Which look best fits your personal style for the movies? Let me know in the comments below!

20 Surprisingly Brilliant Ways To Dress For a Movie
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