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Slaying At 26

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Ok, so you wear a 34C.

Say what??

These words from the La Senza Sales Rep’s mouth rocked my world last night while I was out shopping as a part of my birthday celebration. I couldn’t believe it. How in the world did I  go from a  32A bra to a 34C in less than a year? Maybe she was just mistaken.

Excuse me,” I said to grab her attention as she walked away, “I can’t believe that my boobs are that big. Is there some way I can try it on?”

She smiled, “Of course!”

She walked me to the super girly fitting room, gave me the test bras in various styles, and then assured me she’d return to check on my progress. By the time she returned 10 minutes later, all my stubborn reservations had subsided.

“You were right,” I confirmed. “You were so right.”

That night, I walked out of La Senza with two new bras, new undies, a membership card, and an understanding that I needed to start my intimates collection from the ground up. And as my husband and I headed to dinner at Brio, a local Tuscan Grille Italian restaurant, I realized that rebuilding had been the theme of my life as I approached 26.

Lessons Learned

Knowing that I had to start over in yet another area of my life wasn’t comforting to me, especially because I’m a person that’s obsessed with progress and gets irritated by delays. Nevertheless, I realized that this new discovery was an opportunity – an opportunity to rebuild something exactly as I wanted, even if it was small as intimates and lingerie.

With that mindset, my shocking birthday news motivated me to reflect on the transformation I had gone through over the past year, and the lessons I’d learned about life, business and style.


(1) Wear what you have when you want to. There’s no need to wait for the perfect event. In fact, I have a dress I’ve never worn that’s been in my closet for three years because I’ve been waiting for “that event” I could wear it to. Now, it doesn’t even match my personal style. SMH.

(2) Your slay has to start from within. Loving yourself first makes your outfit ten times more beautiful.

(3) Sometimes the best style moments are the ones you didn’t plan at all. And that’s exactly how I ended up with pink hair last year. 

(4) Invest in your wardrobe. It is nice to go shopping with $50 and return home with 5 or 6 items but it’s better to buy one thing for that same price that will last you 2 to 3 years.


(5) Batching saves lives, especially when you want to be consistent in blogging, save time in business and still have a life. Not sure what batching is? No problem! To batch means you write a large amount of blog posts and emails, and schedule them in one day.

(6) I don’t know how to do everything and that’s OK. I truly don’t and I’m not going waste energy trying to prove that I do.

(7) If you want Beyonce success, you have to put in Beyonce work. Period.

(8) If you’re anything like me, you sometimes get caught up in how far you haven’t come. Don’t be so focused on who you want to be that you forget about the magic you’ve already become. 

(9) Beyonce shows us how to work in silence and let your success be your noise. Solange shows us how to be patient in creating our art.


(10) It’s time for me to move forward in unapologetic confidence. I am enough. So are you.

(11) Stop trying to bring people with you who have no intention of growing. Let’s just pause and think on this bad boy for a minute. For real, how much effort are you putting into trying to convince people to accompany you on your journey? STOP IT. Love them and move on without them.

(12) Interact with people in real life. I definitely value the connections I have made via Instagram, Twitter and Facebook but I truly cherish the coffee dates, phone calls, and random trips with my friends and family.


Slaying At 26 (+ Exclusive Code)

Speaking of random trips, here’s one of the outfits I wore while hanging out with some girlfriends at the Buffalo Exchange Grand Opening Party in Columbus + that exclusive code I promised.

I wore my black knee-high boots and high-low sweater with an Ankara print choker handmade by a Columbus, OH local who is now starting out on her fashionpreneur journey. And, to top it off, I had my latest sparkly phone case from Luxe Phones.

Luxe Phones Sparkly Case - Slaying At 26  Taking a Selfie - Slaying at 26  View More:  Portable Phone Charger - Slaying at 26

Ankara Print Choker Outfit Black Knee-High Boots Outfit - Slaying at 26
Purple Hair, Don't Care - Slaying At 26


Exclusive Code

Want this case and some complimentary accessories? Use the code BAYDIAN10 to get 10% off the Luxe Phones February 2017 Luxe Crate!

P.S. Do any of the lessons I’ve learned resonate with you?


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