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Quick & Easy Rainy Day Style Tips + 10 Outfit Ideas To Inspire You

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Rain, rain go away.

Come again another day.

It seems like no matter what age we are, we sing the same tune every time we hear the pitter patter of rain drops. The only difference is that maybe, instead of being able to play in the rain all day, we have to go somewhere, run errands or meet someone.

Basically, adulting at it’s finest.

And honestly, as silly as it seems, adulting in the rain and being stylish can be quite a challenge.

So how can you hack rainy day chic?

Keep reading for 3 quick and easy rainy day style tips!



3 Quick & Easy Rainy Day Style Tips

In June, when 90-degree days turn into torrential downpours, you can use these three simple tips for the perfect rainy day style.

  1. Keep It Simple! There’s no need to go overboard on a day when your main goal is to stay dry.  However, keep it simple and practical…but not boring!
  2. Aim For Comfort. And by this I simply mean, wear what you feel confident in. In fact, wear your go-to outfit!
  3. Wear Water-Proof Accessories. Pretty self-explanatory right? Just remember that you don’t need to wear every water-proof accessory all at once.Simply wear or carry something that can help your mission to stay dry.

Now let’s put these tips into action!


10 Rainy Day Outfit Ideas To Inspire You

To show you how to use these rainy day style tips , here are 10 beautiful outfit ideas from a few multicultural women that will inspire your rainy day chic.

(1) Shirt Dress + Cardigan + Scarf + Rain Boots

Don’t like wearing pants when it rains? Wear a dress with chic rain boots like Candace Read of Live, Love and Read! Then for some more styling, add an umbrella to help your tresses and clothes stay dry.

Rainy Day Outfit | Candace M Read Rainy Day Style


(2) Poncho + Skinny Jeans + Sneakers

Gone are the days when rain coats are just for kids. If you prefer to wear jeans on rainy days, then do it! All you need to stay dry is rain coat, or a poncho like I wear below.

Baydian Girl - Rainy Day Style | Poncho Outfit Spring


(3) Velvet Dress + Heels

Going on a date in rainy weather? Or hanging with the squad for a girls’ night out? You can still be sexy and glamorous! In fact, Ralizabeth of Oh She’s Lovely shows us how it’s done in this brick-red velvet cami dress!

10 Rainy Day Outfit Ideas to Inspire You | Ralizabeth Rainy Day Style


(4) Leather Jacket + Bodycon Dress + Boots

According to Monroe Steele of Fashion Steele NYC, all you need to look cute in the rain is a great pair of boots and a leather jacket! Simple enough, right?

10 Rainy Day Outfits to Inspire You - Monroe Steele Rainy Day Outfit


(5) A Raincoat + African Print Dress + Boyfriend Jeans + Heels

Take a step away from your fast fashion favorites, and show your support for an emerging African designer like Tiffany M. Battle of The Werk! Place.

Raincoat Outfit + African Print Dress - Tiffany M Battle | 10 Rainy Day Outfit Ideas


(6) Denim Shirt + Sweatshirt + Flared Skirt + Rain Boots

Do you reside in a location with consistently warm weather? Then Jenny Wu, who lives in LA, is a perfect example of how you can still be warm, dry and cute.

10 Rainy Day Outfits To Inspire You | Jenny Wu - sauce sweatshirt charlotte russe skirt and rainboots outfit (5 of 12)


(7) Trench Coat + Striped Tee + Denim Overalls + Heels

Remember that post I wrote about overalls a few months ago? Well, Anita of Oh, Anita is additional proof that overalls are one of the most versatile items you can have in your closet because they work perfect in rainy weather too! Just pair it with a trench coat and appropriate accessories for perfect street style look!

10 Rainy Day Outfit Ideas To Inspire You | Anita Rainy Day Trench Coat Outfit


(8) Pullover + Jersey Skirt + Sneakers

The athleisure trend is pretty big right now and Sandy Gomes of Virtuess Blog shows us how it’s done. She even mentions in her original post that this is a great look for rainy day trip to the mall. Any takers?

10 Rainy Day Outfit Ideas To Inspire You | Sandy Gomes Sporty Rainy Day Style | Spring 2017 Athleisure Fashion Trend


(9) Crop Top + High-Low Skirt + Heels

Monotoya Mayo is a perfect example of an outfit you can wear for your birthday, or for church, when it rains!

10 Rainy Day Outfit Ideas To Inspire You | Montoya Mayo - DIY-High-Low-Maxi-Circle-Skirt-with-Pockets-Tutorial-11-e1492483890673-1440x2160


(10) Ruffle Top + Wide-Leg Trousers + Heels

Heading to work or a special event? Get your inspiration from Natalie of Tropical Edge!

10 Rainy Day Outfit Ideas | Natalie of Tropical Edge - Zara Red Ruffled Top_IMG_5960_1024

There you have it! 10 rainy day outfit ideas to inspire you.

Which one is your favorite?

What is your go-to rainy day style?

Tamara Sykes
Caribbean-Born Gal. Always Plottin' My Next Hairstyle. Encouraging women with a creative spirit to color outside the lines and live a life they love.


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