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3 Proven Ways To Market Your Blog Today

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What no one tells you is that promotion is KEY to blogging success.

You can write the best, most valuable content in the world but if no one knows about it, then it has no impact.

So, how do you market your blog?

Here are three(3) proven ways!


3 Ways To Market Your Blog Today

Are you ready for insight into how to market your blog?

Let’s dive in!


(1) Word-of-Mouth

This tried-and-true marketing method works very well for blogging!

Basically, you have to open your mouth and talk about your blog. This then encourages other people to read, love and share your content too!

Again, YOU have to start this!

Who else knows how valuable your content is?

Who else wants to see you win?

You have to put the fear aside and talk about what you do!

Now, you can do this during in-person conversations or online. Either way, you need to speak up!

I’m going to get more specific on the online ways to do this below. However, in the meantime, here are some conversation starters or inserts you can use day-to-day.

  • Question: What do you do? // Answer: I’m [name] and I help [audience + your blog’s mission]. My website is [blog URL].
  • Statement: I see you doing your own thing online, girl! // Continue With: Oh yes! I’m loving [your blog’s mission]!
  • Question During Conversation: I’m having difficulty doing XYZ // Response: I actually have a detailed resource about that! Want the link to read through later?

Remember, to use these respectfully and wisely!

You don’t need to force your content on someone.

You do want to bring it up in an organic way as a part of the conversation.



(2) Internet Marketing

Of course, this is the method that we’re all very familiar with, especially in the world of social media!

Nevertheless, please remember that internet marketing is a vast category that consists of many different methods and formats.

These include but are not limited to:

  • Email Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – showing up in the search engine results.
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) – displaying ads on search engines, like Google, Yahoo or Bing.
  • Pay Per Click Marketing (aka social media ads)
  • Reputation Marketing – e.g reviews and referrals.
  • Affiliate Marketing – paying someone a percentage of money when they promote your content
  • Influencer Marketing – collaborating with a content creator to promote your content
  • Social Media Marketing – sharing your content on social media platforms
  • Guest Collaborations – e.g. appearing on a content creators video, podcast or email list.

To choose the best method (or methods) for promoting your content, evaluate your budget, your time, and what you can commit to. Especially when you are building a new audience!

For example, when I started my blogging journey 6 years ago, I relied heavily on social media marketing to spread the word about my content.

I would share my latest post on Twitter, Facebook (my business page and personal profile) plus on Instagram!

Over time, I’ve also tried sharing my posts on Snapchat.

Nevertheless, what has worked best for me to date, is to share my latest blog posts on Twitter and Pinterest plus I’ve created an Instagram story highlight where I curate graphics of my blog posts.

Additionally, I also heavily rely on Search Engine Optimization (SEO)!

It’s not as instantly gratifying as social media marketing but it does bring consistent traffic to my website!

Was that helpful?



(3) Non-Digital Marketing

In this internet information age, one of the most underestimated content promotion methods is non-digital marketing.

This is usually referred to as traditional or offline marketing and that may be why it’s ignored by so many.

Nevertheless, please don’t count this option out!

The list of marketing strategies in this category includes:

  • Telephone – e.g. text messaging, aka SMS marketing
  • Print – e.g. business card, magazines and newspapers
  • Direct Mail – for example, postcards.
  • Broadcasting – e.g. local or international radio or TV

As a blogger, it may feel a little out of reach to do a TV ad but you can definitely carry business cards around, especially to complement your word-of-mouth marketing.

Or you can decide to have an SMS marketing list so that you can text people when a new blog post is up!

Honestly, I’ve also seen local bloggers in Columbus, OH, like The Conglomerate, market their brand on local radio stations and it worked.

Plus there’s the possibility to use social media marketing to get on a magazine’s radar and end up on their printed pages! Essence Magazine is well-known for doing this.

Non-digital marketing may seem less appealing but all it takes is a little innovation to make it work for your brand!


In Conclusion

If you forget anything I’ve written, remember the following takeways:

  1. Every time you write a blog post, promote it!
  2. When you consider how to market your blog, always consider word-of-mouth, internet marketing, and non-digital strategies.

That’s how you will increase your visibility and let people know that your content is here!

What marketing methods are you willing to give a try?


P.S. Pin this for later!

How To Market Your Blog For Consistent Web Traffic

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