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30 Simple Self-Love Ideas You Can Do Any Day of the Year

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Less Busy. More Joy.

That has become the mantra of my life.

Thankfully, with that at the forefront of my mind, I’ve been making every intentional effort to practice self-care every day.

However, I’ve recently realized that in order to live a fulfilling life, I also need to practice self-love.

Wait, what is that again?


Self-Love Defined

Of all the definitions I’ve found, Dr. Andrea Brandt, Ph.D., MFT is my favorite.

She defines self-love as “the practice of nourishing yourself” and explains that it has nothing to do with narcissism or instant gratification like buying a new pair of shoes.

Instead, she emphasizes that “self-love means giving yourself what your body, brain, and soul needs for the marathon that is life.

And to be honest, we all need more of that in our lives.


But How Is Self-Love Different from Self-Care?

Well, I’m glad you asked!

Self-care means practicing concrete ways to feel good physically, financially, spiritually, professionally and even socially.

For example, working out, eating healthy meals, saving money for unexpected expenses, reading devotionals, meditating, grabbing a drink with a friend and the list goes on.

However, self-love goes deeper.

Self-love is intentionally caring for your mind, body, and soul. It’s about being whole.

It’s about maintaining the core of who you are.


30 Self-Love Ideas You Can Do Any Day of the Year

Like self-care, self-love practices are not one-size fits all BUT having an idea of where to start can go a long way in beginning the process.

Here are 30 self-love ideas that you can do any day of the year, including today!


(1) “Talk to yourself like you would to someone you love.” – Brene Brown.Β  For example, I would never tell my daughter that she’s ugly because she doesn’t have washboard abs. So I’m not going to speak to myself that way!

(2) Get out of the comparison trap! Whenever you compare yourself to that “perfect” girl on social media, at work, at school or in your family, you’re basically saying that God made a mistake with you. News flash, He didn’t. You are as unique as your fingerprint, and the world needs you.

(3) Create a thankful jar. Grab a jar from Hobby Lobby, Target or even a thrift store, and add 1-2 things a day that you’re thankful for on small pieces of paper.

(4) Journal. Had a tough day? Great day? Mixed day? Grab a notebook or fancy journal and just write it all out. No perfect sentences or essays required.

(5) Read a fiction book. Sometimes you just need a break from the self-help, improving your skill set and professional development books. Read a book about romance, mystery, culture, etc. Get your imagination going!

(6) Take 10 minutes to quiet your mind. This is really handy between appointments and after work. Before you jump into the next thing, just take some time to collect your thoughts and settle your mind so you can be present during the next activity.

(7) Write down your bucket list. Whether it’s on your phone’s notes, a tiny notepad in your purse, or a Google doc – write down the things you’d love to do and learn in your life.

(8) Laugh. After all, laughter is the best medicine.

(9) Don’t look at social media first thing in the morning. Do something else like pray, eat breakfast, take a long hot shower, or meditate.

(10) Turn off your electronic devices for an hour. You can extend the time if you want. The point is to just have some time without interruptions, like texts, calls, music or even TV.



(11) Throw away the scale. Scales aren’t inherently bad but your self-worth does not rely on it. Throw it away until you have your mindset right.

(12) Look in the mirror, look at your body and say “My body is beautiful.” Seriously, say it. Say it until you believe it.

(13) Take a selfie and write down 1 thing you love about it. You know how us girls are. We always have something that doesn’t look right about us in the photo. Leave the critique at the door and start practicing self-acceptance.

(14) Take a 15-minute walk. Go outside and enjoy some fresh air. If you’re anything like me, you probably sit in an office all day. Go outside and get your blood flowing.

(15) Rest. Not just sleep, rest! Turn off your phone. Turn off the television. Put some music on or even the beach sounds that relax you and rest.

(16) Eat a healthy, home-cooked meal. Maybe you’ll make it from scratch or use a food-delivery service to help. Nourish your body with the nutrients it needs.

(17) Drink a bottle of water. Stay hydrated.

(18) Go to the doctor. Trust me, it’s not my favorite thing to do either but it’s also important for me to know that I’m taking good care of myself. After all, what’s the point of having a job with benefits if I’m not going to use them?

(19) Wear what you want! Do you love yourself the most when you’re in a dress? In jeans? In a specific color? Wear that!

(20) Listen to your body. Yes, you may want to fast like Beyonce or go run a marathon. But what is your body telling you? Is your body telling you that it’s time to become more active, or it’s time to get those much-needed hours of sleep? Pay attention.



(21) Set boundaries. You don’t have to put up with the dysfunction, abuse or toxicity. Set boundaries, even if it means that the people closest to you will be disappointed.

(22) Forgive yourself. We all have a list of should ofs, could ofs and would ofs. We all make mistakes. Forgive yourself and let yourself free.

(23) Slow down. What’s the rush? Take your time. Society may be fast-paced but you don’t have to be.

(24) Do something that sets your soul on fire. Remember that hobby you loved? Do it and don’t make it a hustle! Just enjoy it for you.

(25) Create safe and happy spaces. I just started practicing this myself. I go and stay where I feel loved. I talk to the people who accept me for me. As a friend reminded me last week, don’t go where you’re just tolerated. Go where you’re celebrated. Go where you are reminded how amazing you are.

(26) Don’t force things. A huge part of loving yourself is not forcing yourself to be what everyone expects you to be. You don’t have to be everyone’s cup of tea. You don’t have to be what your family wants. And you don’t have to be the next social media celebrity. Don’t force it. Follow your own path.

(27) Stand up for yourself. In a world where everyone has a platform, we can feel as if our own voice is silenced. Not just on social media, but at work, our circle of friends and even amongst our family. Don’t stifle your voice – because that feels like a slow painful death. Stand up for yourself. Don’t let your needs be disregarded! They are important too.

(28) Let go. Let go of the hurt, the past, the expectations. Let go of all of it.

(29) Protect your energy. Pretty abstract right but let me share what a friend of mine told me. Protecting your energy means it’s okay to take a day off, to cancel a commitment, to move on, to do nothing, to not share myself, to change.

(30) Believe in yourself. As Gordon B Hinckley says,

Believe in yourself.
Believe in your capacity to do good and great things.

Believe that no mountain is so high that you cannot climb it.

Believe that no storm is so great that you cannot weather it.

Believe in yourself.


Which of these self-love ideas are things that will help you love yourself?
30 Simple Self-Love Ideas
30 Simple Self-Love Ideas You Can Practice Any Day of the Year
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