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5 More Influencer Networks That Will Help You Make Money As A Blogger

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How does your favorite blogger make money?

They do in several ways, including eBooks and paid trips.

However, the most popular way a blogger makes money is through campaigns!

These paid blogger opportunities used to seem inaccessible BUT there’s room for everyone – whether you’re a content creator with a large or small following.

The key is to join an influencer network!


What Is An Influencer Network?

Influencer networks, also referred to as blogger database agencies, are companies that act as the middle man between a brand and content creators.

Since all brands have very specific target audiences they want to reach, they use different forms of marketing in order to position their product in front of them. One of the most effective ways is to partner with content creators who are connected to consumers in these demographics.

This results in paid content opportunities that range from sponsored blog posts to social media campaigns.

In other words, you make money πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°!


5 More Influencer Networks That Will Help You Make Money As A Blogger

Now, there are 100+ influencer networks that will help you make money as a blogger.

You don’t need to be on all of them but I strongly suggest that you sign up for a few to help increase your income opportunities.

Here are 5 influencer networks for bloggers that I personally suggest!

(1) Mavrck

Mavrck is an all-in-one influencer marketing platform. It’s most effective for brands because their patented software identifies who the best content creators are for marketing a product. When you become a part of this influencer network, you are offered a wide range of opportunities that best fit your audience. There are no limits!

Personally, I have been blessed to partner with brands, such as TOMS, Stainmaster, and Roku!

Even though I received an invite to this network, you can join by clicking here.


(2) AmbassadHer

If you’re looking for a community with tons of opportunities, even for influencers with smaller audiences, AmbassadHer is for you!

I only learned of this influencer network for bloggers recently but in that short time, I’ve grown to love how the AmbassadHer team presents me with paid opportunities that are truly authentic to me.

Content opportunities tend to include sponsored social media posts and product feedback for established brands like AirBnB or FabFitFun. But you can also share your opinion about new, up-and-coming brands! What’s even better is that you usually get paid as soon as the collaboration is complete via PayPal!

Choose the products that you truly love and get paid for spreading the word about them! Sign up here.


(3) Social Native

Social Native is a company that specializes in helping brands discover and recruit content creators. They take the hassle out of the process for both parties!

And, I can say that the majority of their blogger opportunities are paid. That’s a plus, right?

If you’re interested in focusing on creating dope content and having someone else broker the campaign deals, this is the agency for you! Go here to request an invite.


(4) Activate by Bloglovin’

Another one of my favorite influencer networks is Activate by Bloglovin’.

This platform has a great user experience, provides incredible opportunities to bloggers and sneds payouts each month.

Their specialty? Helping brands connect with content creators that share compelling stories and align with a company’s mission.

Talk about authentic marketing!

Join me and over 150,000 influencers in this community by clicking here.


(5) The Sway

Last but not least, consider joining The Sway Digital Influencer Network.

Not only do they work with influencers in the USA and Canada but they also connect you with their diverse content creation community via their blog and private Facebook group.

This unique approach and their proprietary dashboard will ensure you have long-term success in the online space.


And that’s it!

Those are my five influencer network suggestions!

Some have small cash payments and some have larger returns. Either way, these platforms will help you make money as a blogger no matter your niche.


Which one of these will you take a step to join today?
5 More Influencer Networks That Will Help You Make Money As A Blogger
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