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A Common Myth About SEO That Will Hinder Your Growth

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What is the BIGGEST SEO myth?

It’s the belief that once you publish your content, or launch your product, or service…plus you made sure to follow SEO best practices, that all of a sudden your content will go viral and generate traffic immediately.

This is not true.

SEO, aka search engine optimization, is all about positioning what you have to offer to your ideal, potential reader or client.

It is very much dependent on them searching for the solution to a problem they have, or a product/service that solves a need they have.


Here’s An Example of How SEO Actually Works

Google has stated that the phrase “Black-owned businesses near me” has increased up to 300% because many people are looking to shift their spending in support of Black-owned businesses or creators during the call for racial justice.

Now, if you used this term on your website, or market your business this way, you’ve probably seen a spike in your website traffic.

However, note that your business or content is now the answer to the question so many people have.

And that is what SEO does!

When you initially post your content, product or service, you may not see a spike in traffic right away.


Because you’re waiting on your ideal audience to actually do a search via phone or laptop.

They literally have to type in a question or phrase into search engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo.


They will discover your brand.


It’s Time To Bust The SEO Myth of Instant Traffic

Here’s the fact:

SEO takes up to 6 months to a year to show results.

When you invest in SEO, you’re making sure that you don’t just get traffic today (whatever the date is that you’re reading this).

You’re investing in targeted traffic coming to your website tomorrow, a week from now, a month from now and years from now!

Because guess what?

The fact is that the problem you solve with your content, product or service, WILL exist beyond today.

In fact, I can guarantee you that someone is going to be searching for the answer you’re providing years from now.

Crazy, right?

But it’s so true!

That’s why SEO is a long-term strategy.


A Real-Life Example Of How SEO Has Worked For Me

Allow me to share one personal example.

In the past year, the most viewed blog post on my website has been my postpartum surgery story entitled: Labial Adhesions: The TruthΒ  About My Rare Postpartum Recovery.

As expected, when I first wrote this post in 2018, it generated traffic and social media shares.

But even now, two (2) years later, it’s responsible for a consistent 5% of my traffic thus far.

That’s actually more traffic than I received from the post within the first day, or even week when I published it!

Not to mention, that I keep receiving engaging comments and social media messages about this post.

It easily is my most viewed lifestyle post to date.

Maybe lifestyle posts aren’t your thing, but again, this is just an example.

The point is that SEO outlasts the immediate gratification of social media, and it results in high-quality website traffic – aka website visitors who are already interested in what you’re sharing or selling.

So don’t get discouraged when you create your content today!

You’re simply positioning your awesome content/product/service in the right place so that at the right time, it’s discovered by the person who needs it.


P.S. I Have A Video For You Too!

If you’re more of a visual learner and prefer to watch a video, you can catch my IGTV episode about this SEO myth below:


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A Common SEO Myth That Hinders Your Growth

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