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The ABC’s of Style

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“SHUT UP!”  👿

“Ugh, you’re so annoying!”  🙄

“Just leave me alone.”  😡

Sound familiar?

These are some of the signs that I’ve started my period. Well that, the obvious, and my immediate craving for sour patches.

It’s my least favorite time of the month. Between the roller coaster emotions, the dire need for Ibuprofen, and the confirmation that I’m not pregnant, I find that dressing in style seems particularly difficult.

Maybe it’s due to the bloating, or the fact that I’d rather stay in bed for the entirety of Mother Nature wreaking havoc on my body. Nevertheless, getting dressed while on my period is a pain.

Anyone else with me?

So after trial and error (including some embarrassments), I’ve learned a few tips on how to master style while Aunt Flow visits.

Let’s dig into these hacks! Shall we?


The ABC’s of Style While On Your Period

The ABC's of Style When You're On Your Period


(A) Accept dark and oversized clothing as your friends.

It’s very likely that your first and second day will be the days with the heaviest flow. I know that sounds gross but it’s true. To save yourself from the possibility of embarrassment, choose an oversized shirt or dress in a dark color. This style choice will hide the faintest hint of bloating and, give you a sense of security.

Black Oversized Turtleneck Dress | The ABC's of Style When On Your Period  Knee-High Boots With Turtleneck Dress - The ABC's of Style When On Your Period

(B) Bring your denim jacket.

Yes, you heard me. Make your denim jacket your go-to! It will keep you looking sporty and cute, while hiding all remaining bloating effects. This style hack works for Fall, Winter and Spring.

Denim Jacket Outfit - The ABC's of Style While On Your Period  Denim Jacket and Dress Outfit - The ABC's of Style While On Your Period

(C) Choose a trench coat.

Not really a denim jacket person? Or haven’t found one to add to your closet yet? Then opt for a trench coat. Pairing that with a pair of skinny jeans and a v-neck tee will create a great street style look without the hassle.

Wifey V-Neck Outfit   Green Trench Coat Outfit - The ABC's of Style While On Your Period

(D) Dare to wear white.

On my wedding day, I was on my period and I still dared to wear white. I’m not going to lie, I was a little scared. But a quick trip to the store for some meds and black spandex boy shorts solved my problem. Wedding day catastrophe avoided!

Wearing White On Your Period  Wedding Dress - Couple Photography

(E) Embrace color and leggings.

Wait, didn’t I just start this whole post with advice that suggested the opposite? Lol, I haven’t forgotten!

Nevertheless, you can still add a bit of color to your uniform while on your period by wearing leggings. For example, while on a recent shopping trip, I paired my maroon velvet leggings with a large black t-shirt and my leather jacket. It resulted in an edgy look, which I was very comfortable in. I’ve even worn this out to a casual date night or drinks with friends.

Velvet leggings outfit at Polaris Fashion Place  Shopping at Polaris Fashion Place  Velvet Leggings Outfit

And that’s it!

What helpful style tips do you use while on your period? 

Tamara Sykes
Caribbean-Born Gal. Always Plottin' My Next Hairstyle. Encouraging women with a creative spirit to color outside the lines and live a life they love.


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