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Acid Wash Style

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There’s no doubt about it that I have my own personal style but this week, I’ve been thinking about what that even means. What makes how I dress my own? It truly is an interesting question.

I don’t think I’m alone. So many people claim to have personal style, and I think it’s mostly true. No one can do you like you can. Yet, when we look at our clothing items, so many people are technically wearing the same thing. So, again, what sets each of us apart?

I think I’ve figured it out! Thanks to the following quote by Massimo Vignelli. ” A personal style is like handwriting – it happens as a byproduct of our way of seeing things, enriched by the experiences of  everything around us.” We all have clothes and we may or may not shop at the same stores. No matter though. Whether we have the same item or not, it’s how we infuse who we are into the attire that makes each of us special. So at the end of the day, despite all the descriptions and fashion categories there are, how we wear our clothes is a personal thing. Like Taylor Swift eloquently said, “It’s our way to be an individual.”

What do you think?
What influences your style?
Baydian GirlAcid Wash Style

Acid Wash Style 3

Acid Wash Style 2

Acid Wash Style 4
Black & Blue Scarf (Baydian F/W 2013) | White V-Neck Shirt | Acid Wash Harem Pants | Combat Boots


Tamara Sykes
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