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Affordable Pink Bralette With Leather For Crazy Edge

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I own too much leather

…..said no one ever.

Well, at least that’s what I say lol.

But for real, there isn’t any buyers’ remorse that follows after you’ve purchased anything that’s black leather. Why? Because it goes with EVERYTHING!

And what’s even better, is that it makes acing the latest lingerie dressing trend as easy as breathing.

So let’s dig in to creating a badass princess outfit with a pink bralette. Shall we?


No Bad Vibes Welcome

Now read that heading again. 

To rock this crazy edgy leather look, you have to leave the negative mindset at home. In fact, get rid of it all together.

Before you get dressed for any occasion, look into the mirror and say this to yourself out loud:

[bctt tweet=”I am magic. I am brilliant. I am beautiful.” username=”baydiangirl”]


I am magic. I am brilliant. I am beautiful.

And one more time.

I am magic. I am brilliant. I am beautiful.

Now that your mind is in self-love mode, you are ready to rock one of the top Spring 2017 trends like a superstar.


Bralette Dressing 101

One of the best things about lace bralettes is that anyone can pull them off, and there are so many ways to wear them. You can choose to wear your bralette under a mesh shirt or over a tee, or even just on its own. It’s really based on what you’d dare to wear.

If you’re daring, then I highly suggest wearing it by itself under a blazer…..or a black leather jacket!

If you want to take it a step further, go to your dresser and pull out your pink bralette. Yes, the one that you haven’t worn since last summer!

Pair it with a black leather skirt and a black leather jacket. Then add your favorite accessories and the shoes of your choice for a crazy edgy look.


Poppin’ In Pink

I recently put this outfit to the test with my new teal yarn twists, and I must say I felt fresh and edgy in my Spring-ready look.

See for yourself in the photos below!

Affordable Pink Bralette with Leather Outfit  Pink Bralette Leather Outfit - Spring 2017 Trend  Affordable Pink Lace Bralette as a Top

Spring 2017 Leather Outfit Pink Bralette Outfit for Spring  Leather Jacket with Lace Bralette Outfit

Now the question is, will you dare to try a lace bralette as a top?

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