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All Black Leather – Winter Edition

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Snow, snow and more snow – that seems to be the weather of choice the past few days in Ohio. In no way am I a fan but, I can’t control the weather so I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s best to make the most of it.

To me, making the most of it is mostly based on an instinct to stay warm; however, I recently decided to become a little more creative by transformingย my favorite summer outfits into winter chic. One of those is the simple yet sexy all black leather outfit.

Asย I mentioned in a previous post, Leonardo da Vinci was onto something when he said that simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication, and black leather is the physical manifestation of this concept, in my humble opinion. However, in the winter, leather tends to get cold quickly. So how do you wear it and stay warm? One word – LAYER.

Yep, layer. Layer the leather, and it’ll keep you warm (with a coat and gloves, of course).

I took a leather bustier and wore a white collared shirt under it for a crisp look. Then to keep my legs warm, I paired a pleated skirt with lined leggings, creating an all black leather outfit but the winter edition.

IMG_1684ย  IMG_1682ย IMG_1674


What do you think?


Outfit Details: White Collar Shirt / Forever 21 Leather Bustier / Forever 21 Pleated Leather Skirt / Express Booties

Tamara Sykes
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