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April 2016 Phone & Desktop Colorful Backgrounds

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It’s true – time flies. January is far gone and we’re only two months away from the halfway point of 2016.

Sometimes I sit back and look at how much has transpired since I told myself that this year would be one where I thrived. Truth be told, my present looks like nothing like what I expected. Life has been hard, I’ve encountered some setbacks, and at the same time, my journey has also been so beautiful. Now, instead of rehearsing where I should have been, I celebrate how far I’ve come. It’s beyond confidence. It’s the acknowledgment of progress and not perfection.

This month’s backgrounds are simply a reminder of that paradigm. It’s an encouraging way to remember to celebrate the small victories because the tiny, seemingly unimportant triumphs are a crucial part of your adventure’s beauty.

Much love #baydiangirl!


Desktop Backgrounds

progress pink laptop CLICK HERE to download this background

progress purple laptop CLICK HERE to download this background

Phone Backgrounds

progress pink and purple phoneCLICK HERE to download the pink background

CLICK HERE to download the purple background

Tamara Sykes
Caribbean-Born Gal. Always Plottin' My Next Hairstyle. Encouraging women with a creative spirit to color outside the lines and live a life they love.


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