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Reminiscing, Romance & Back To School

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August is the Sunday of summer.

That’s what Ellen DeGeneres tweeted approximately two years ago as the month of July came to a close. And she’s pretty much right.

The beginning of August is an undeniable announcement of the dawn of a new season. The local fair starts in town, and kids of all ages scramble to get in their last hurrahs before going back to school. However, at the same time, in shopping centers and malls around the world families are running to and fro in search of all the first day of school necessities.

Yet the hustle and bustle, which I recently experienced first-hand at Polaris Fashion Place (one of the largest shopping malls in Columbus, OH) doesn’t bother me. In fact, I dare say that it feels very familiar. It brings back a lot of treasured memories, including the first time I met my hubby.

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An Unexpected Romance

It was my senior year of college, and the last time I would be an RA.

On the final day of orientation, a few days before college began, our RD (Resident Director) asked for an all hands on deck effort to make our official welcome to the freshmen a success. Our task was simple – play capture the flag, and it was going to be upperclassmen versus the freshmen.

Frankly, I had no idea what that was. But after a quick education from my peers, I grasped the concept and volunteered to be a guard. More specifically, I chose to focus on stopping jailbreaks.

And that’s how I met him.

Thirty minutes into the game, hubby-to-be was escorted to jail by one of my teammates. He was an attacker who got caught while he was on the hunt for the flag. Nevertheless, he made it pretty well known that he was going to get out. And since I was the closest guard to the jail, he made sure that I knew he could outrun me and get away.

In response to his competitive banter, I challenged him, and even dared him to make a run for it. I brought up the fact that I had set a track record in the 200M at my high school in Barbados, hoping that it would in some way let him know not to underestimate me. But he persisted.

I just rolled my eyes. Well, this guy is annoying.

From that point, if I remember correctly, he and I simply kept chatting until towards the end of the game when he did make a break for it.

Sad to say, your girl didn’t catch him BUT that was the first and last time I would ever have to chase him.

A few days later, on the first day of school, we reconnected in Fine Arts class. Three months later he asked me to be his girlfriend. And, as you know, the rest has been history.


My Back To School Outfit Wish

It was an unexpected romance – one that my heart certainly didn’t see coming.

But, if I’d had any idea of what was about to unfold, the one thing I would wish for is a back to school outfit redo.

I would have arrived in style, wearing a fabulously colorful dress. One that accentuated my figure and subtly incorporated a tropical vibe. One that would’ve complimented my edgy yet quirky personality.

It’s safe to say though, that this dress  probably hadn’t been made yet. However, I recently discovered this magical item in Buckle while I was shopping at Polaris Fashion Place.

Despite its dressy nature, this Daytrip Flutter Maxi Romper made for the perfect entrance. All I had to do to make it my own was add an ivory Spider Cage Bralette, my Tropical Print Vans, and a choker necklace set.

Yep, this stunning outfit would’ve been perfect for my first day of college that year.

Orange High-Low Dress With Vans | Back To School Outfit 2017 Back To School Outfit - Leather Backpack With Dress  Back To School Outfit - Orange Go-To Dress from Buckle Back To School Outfit - White Bralette with Dress  Orange Dress with Bralette and Vans Outfit - Back To School Look to Copy  College Back To School Outfit

P.S. Now it’s your turn!

If you live in Columbus, OH and the surrounding area, you need to pay extra attention to this!

Shopping at Polaris Fashion Place on August 4-6 will be completely tax free! So mark your calendars and make your plans because you can stay within budget and skip the taxes on your way back to school.

Click here for more details!

Now for my other gals who don’t live close by, you can arrive in style too!

All you need is a dress you love, comfortable shoes and the accessories to match. Paired with your inner beauty and outer smile, you will have the perfect back to school outfit as you fearlessly prepare for your future.


*Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own.*

Photos by Dana of KittNco

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