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Hey Mama, You’re Allowed To Have Down Days

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Hey sis,

I was looking over your blog and I love the content!

I also realized that all of your photos are of you smiling.

No one is smiling like that all the time.

It was another powerful statement from my little brother during our chats.

He said it so nonchalantly, and there wasn’t an ounce of judgment in his statement.

Nevertheless, it got me thinking.

Was the constant smiling real?

Like even in my own life, was it real?

I’m here to tell you that it isn’t.

Like you, I have my down days.


Motherhood on Instagram vs Reality

Outside of Instagram, the reality of motherhood is a lot more complex than the picture-perfect photos we see.

I mean, of course, I’d love to report that my house is pristine and looks like a magazine all the time.

I’d love to share that I always have it together as a mom.

In fact, I’d love to say that I never get irritated or overwhelmed.

But to say that would be a lie and a complete disregard of the beauty of the ups and downs in this thing called life – of this journey called parenting.

What you see is the highlight reel of motherhood.

And nothing is wrong with highlights!

But like a movie trailer, let’s not forget there’s a story behind it — an entire world with people involved, a place, conflicts, and resolutions, all captured in one still moment.


Yes, Good Moms Have Bad Mom Days

The reality is that…

Like you, some days I’m just tired.

Like you, some days I feel drained.

And like you, most days I’m afraid to ask for help because it may make me seem like I’m not a good mom, that I’m ungrateful, or that I’m simply a weak, complaining woman who isn’t consistent with her gratitude journal.

Deep down, I don’t believe I’m any of those things.

You don’t either (about yourself).

But we can both agree that these thoughts have most definitely plagued our minds and caused self-imposed shame, paralyzing us in fear and stopping us from speaking up.

Yet, even with all the paralyzing expectations, it’s time that we speak up.

It’s time that we allow our true selves to be fully seen in each moment. Whether that’s a moment of joy or frustration.

It is time to let go of being a superwoman, and it’s time to embrace our humanity.

Again, this is life.

We know there are highs and lows.

It’s about time that we include motherhood in this definition too.

So whether you have 1 kid or more, this is your reminder that you don’t have to always have it all together.

Down days are allowed, mama πŸ’œ

I’m human and you are too.


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Hey Mama, It's Okay To Have A Bad Day

Tamara Sykes
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