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How To Be Comfortable In Your Own Skin

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Let me take a selfie.

It’s the phrase that has become a part of everyday life.

Yet it’s also the phrase that triggers anxiety, negative self-talk, and feelings of unworthiness for most women.

The truth is, we’ve all struggled to take the “perfect” selfie.

We’ve all filled our phones with tons of photos that are slightly different in order to capture the “right” image to share.

However, even when we think we’ve finally taken the best photo, we tend to look at it and find multiple reasons not to post it because our features are simply not “good enough” in our eyes. Or, we feel that a filter is required in order to make the image look “better.”

We forget that there’s so much more to a photo than being “perfect.”

But no more.

I want to encourage you to be comfortable in your own skin!

I want to inspire you to leave the critique at the door and start practicing self-acceptance.


My Selfie Story

During the last few days of April, I realized that I was drained.

I was practicing all the usual tasks associated with self-care, like getting my nails done, doing my hair, eating healthy and saving for unexpected expenses. However, I still felt burnt out.

After some soul-searching, I discovered that I wasn’t nourishing myself. Despite the concrete ways that I made myself feel good physically, financially, etc. – I hadn’t taken time to invest in my core.

So, I spent the entire month of May intentionally practicing self-love, and to hold myself accountable, I tracked the journey on my Instagram Stories.

On Day 21, I took a selfie as I was. No filter.

Then I made a point to post it and publicly say three good things about the photo.

Day 21 of self-love | Post a selfie and say 3 good things about it

The selfie wasn’t perfect! BUT it was a perfect capture of the real, quirky, beautiful person that I am.

At that moment, I owned the way I looked and felt, and I truly haven’t relapsed since.

I’ve graduated from taking selfies with sunglasses because I always could find something wrong with my eyes, to taking photos that capture all of my magic.

How to be comfortable in your own skin - from this to this



3 Ways To Become Comfortable In Your Own Skin

I truly believe that you can have the same experience and the same confidence!

Here are 3 ways to become comfortable in your own skin.

(1) Compliment Yourself!

Yes, I’m serious! Become your own biggest fan.

Look in the mirror, look at your face and say β€œI am beautiful.”

Even take it a step further and say “My body is beautiful.

Do it repeatedly, particularly until you believe it. Until you start acting like Cardi B, and every time you walk past the mirror you say, “Damn, I’m fine.

You are a beauty and you’re born to flex!

[bctt tweet=”I am a beauty and I’m born to flex.” username=”baydiangirl”]


(2) Stop Worrying About What Others Think!

Whether your “others” is defined as the media or the negative people in your space, let go of what they say beauty should look like.

Don’t even place a ton of value on what their opinion is!

In other words, take it with a grain of salt. Do you know how small salt is??? That’s how much their opinion should matter.

Instead, be mindful.

Like the inspirational quote by Warsan Shire says, “Document the moments you feel most in love with yourself – what you’re wearing, who you’re around, what you’re doing. Recreate and repeat.


(3) Love Yourself Even As You’re Evolving!

Guess what? You’re no longer who you used to be and you shouldn’t spend all of your time trying to reclaim the past!

You are shifting.

You are evolving.

And that’s beautiful.

As we look and compare ourselves to others on Instagram (well, social media in general), we often ask ourselves, “Why don’t I look like that?” If our assumptions of others are solely based on their social media accounts, no wonder we believe everyone has better skin, a better body, and a better life than ours.

The truth is, on social media, people purposefully present their best selves. You rarely will see makeup-less selfies displaying acne or a bathing suit photo in an unflattering angle. However, displaying your actual self, even if it’s just by taking a photo and keeping it on your phone, will help you love yourself as you evolve.

[bctt tweet=””You are allowed to be a masterpiece and a work in progress at the same time!”” username=”baydiangirl”]

If you’re actively trying to get into shape but you’re just not there yet, don’t feel uncomfortable taking photos of your process and loving yourself throughout it. It’s a great way to track how far you’ve come and develop a positive body image. Or, if you’ve been in the process of a new skin-care regimen to clear up your complexion, don’t let acne scarring or a breakout here and there discourage you from embracing the way you look. Typically, acne-fighting products containing tretinoinΒ or benzoyl peroxide are effective but just take time to get your skin to where you want it.

Listen, if you spend your whole life procrastinating happiness until things are “perfect,” you’ll waste so much time when you could have been accepting yourself instead.

You are allowed to be a masterpiece and a work in progress at the same time!


Now Let’s Put This Into Practice This Week With A Challenge

In honor of National Selfie Day on June 21, 2019, practice self-love by completing the challenge I participated in.

  1. Take a selfie, or post a photo of yourself on Instagram.
  2. Find one or two things to love about it.
  3. Share your findings in the caption.
  4. Tag me (@thebaydiangirl) in the comments with the hashtag #ilovetherealme.

I want to pop over, and brighten up your day with a genuine compliment!


Remember, you can confidently own how you look and feel!
How To Be Comfortable In Your Own Skin | 3 Practical Ways To Become More Comfortable In Your Own Skin
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