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Unexpected: My Bajan Beach Maternity Photoshoot

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What if I told you that I haven’t been home for over 10 years?

You’d probably laugh and say, ‘You’re kidding, right?

But I’m not.

I moved to the United States in August 2006 (get the full story here), and since then my feet hadn’t touched Caribbean soil, or connected with my heritage, except via social media, photos and WhatsApp.

However, that all changed this year.

This year, on March 14th, I landed on the tarmac at Grantley Adams International Airport in my beautiful Barbados.


Timing Is Everything

Tears streamed down my face as I unbuckled my seat belt in preparation to get off the plane.

Was this a dream?

Had I really made it home after all these years?

The reality of it all was confirmed the minute my tennis shoes touched the pavement, and I felt the golden Caribbean sun on my face.

Yes, I was home. And it had been a long time coming.

Even though I was granted my US permanent residency on April 28, 2017, I still had not received my green card. This time, there was no glitch in the system. Instead my lack of physical proof of my residency was due to a major error on the United States Postal Service’s part.

They had lost my card in the mail.

It was an unexpected setback – a rain on my parade.

Nevertheless, I stepped out in faith.

Despite this inconvenience, my lawyer helped me craft a plan to have alternative proof of my permanent residency. It took a lot of work, including traveling to multiple appointments during my second trimester, and submitting an application for a new green card to be reissued. However, I set fear aside and got it done!

All of that plus my doctor’s approval to travel had brought me to this moment.

I was finally home!

And I had a mission – I wanted our baby girl to experience the charm of Barbados.


My Beach Maternity Photoshoot

From a catamaran cruise and swimming in the turquoise Caribbean sea, to spending time with family, our baby girl and I enjoyed a babymoon fit for queens.

On top of it all, though, we captured the overwhelming joy with a beach maternity photoshoot.

Check out the gorgeous photos below taken by Kurk Rouse of fotos by KRouse!

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How Can You Find A Dress For Your Beach Maternity Photoshoot?

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Of course, you can buy one but have you considered a rental?

Your dream maternity dress will be a fraction of the cost!

Here’s a list of the best places to rent a dress for your beach maternity photoshoot:

  • Mama Rentals – Whether it’s a photoshoot or special event, this store offers elegant and stylish maternity dresses with a bohemian twist! Plus they ship worldwide!
  • Rent The Runway – You’ve heard about them before but did you know they also offer designer maternity clothes? And what’s even better is that you can still use their service for looks postpartum!
  • La Belle Bump – A quick look at their Special Occasion section opens up the possibilities.
  • Mine for Nine – This online service offers designer clothing in every size imaginable and for a wide variety of body types. That’s a win-win!
  • Mama Bump Rentals – An online store that offers an affordable rental service of maternity gowns for expecting moms and photographers.


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