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An Adorable All-Black Mommy-Daughter Outfit

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I have to admit, being a mom comes with a LOT of responsibility but…

There are many moments that are pure fun!

One of those moments is dressing alike in a mommy-daughter outfit.


How To Shop For A Mommy-Daughter Outfit

There are 2 ways to shop for mommy-daughter outfits.

  1. Buy matching looks from the same store.
  2. Mix and match items from different stores to create a complementary look.

For the best outcome, I’d use both options but apply them when it’s best.

For example, if you’re looking to buy matching Christmas pajamas, buying the matching outfits from one store like Kohl’s, Target or PatPat is going to save you time and energy.

However, if you’re looking for matching shoes or a specific look, you may have to get creative and shop at multiple stores to curate what you want.


An Adorable All-Black Mommy-Daughter Outfit

Since buying matching outfits from one store is a pretty simple task, I’m going to provide insight into how to create a mommy-daughter outfit from shopping at multiple stores.

(1) Buy The Shoes 

Since shoes are the hardest items to find in the same style, purchase shoes for you and your daughter first.

I purchased mine from Target and found my daughter’s pair of shoes at T.J. Maxx.

All-Black Mommy Daughter Outfit | Matching Mommy Daughter Shoes  Mommy & Me Style: Matching Mommy-Daughter Shoes


(2) Buy The Outfit

Now, this can be the tricky part!

But the best way to approach this part of the process is to be open-minded.

Mommy-daughter style does not have to be an exact matching outfit. You can just complement each other and match in subtle or obvious ways, like color or vibe.

[bctt tweet=”Mommy-daughter style does not have to be an exact matching outfit. ” username=”baydiangirl”]

For our adorable all-black ensemble, I chose to go with a street-style vibe, and match the color of our looks.

My daughter’s outfit consisted of a onesie and black leggings.

My mommy outfit consisted of a black long-sleeve tee, black overalls, and a black wide brim hat.

Mommy Daughter Outfit - All Black  Mommy Daughter All-Black Fall Outfit  Mommy Daughter Outfit | All-Black Mother Daughter Outfit  Mommy Daughter Outfit Idea  Black Mommy-Daughter Outfit Idea | Fall Infant Style

And that’s it!


Mommy-Daughter Outfit Details

FYI – Some of the links included are affiliate links and when you click on them, I may receive a small commission as an influencer.

Just click on the links next to each item to see the exact, or alternative, item.

I kept my choices as close to the cost that I paid for each piece.


Mommy Outfit


Daughter (Infant) Outfit


Would you wear this adorable all-black mommy-daughter look?

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