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How To Incorporate Black-Owned Businesses In Your Everyday Style

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So you want to start buying from Black-owned businesses…

Here’s a doable way that you can!

Start with one (1) purchase.

No matter how big or small it is, one purchase at a time is all it takes.


Why The One-Purchase-At-A-Time Method Works

Honestly, isn’t life best navigated one step at a time?

Anyway, though, I truly believe that supporting Black-owned businesses in this way, especially during these tough economic times brought on by COVID-19, is a viable way to show your support long-term.

More than likely, you’ve made purchases up to this point without thoughts about where those businesses stood in the fight for anti-racism.

More than likely you made the choice to shop from the mos accessible store instead of looking into another option.

Look, no judgment here!! πŸ’–Β 

I’ve done it too.

However, now that we’re both aware of how we can shop more intentionally and invest in the Black community, I truly believe that when we’re in need of the next item like sunscreen, we can make a more informed choice.

All it takes is one purchase after another πŸ™‚


How I’ve Incorporated Black-Owned Business In My Everyday Style

Now I know that I mentioned sunscreen above, but that’s not the only way you can support Black-owned businesses.

You should also consider incorporating items from Black-owned fashion businesses into your everyday style!

Here are a few flashback photos that I’ve taken, which are really great examples of some stylish items you can purchase too.

(1) Mommy-Daughter Headwraps

Mother-daughter headwrap outfits - From Black-Owned Business, My Royalty Wraps

When I wanted to bring one of my motherhood dreams to life of having matching headwraps, I purchased mommy-daughter headwraps from a woman-owned, Black-owned business, My Royalty Wraps!


(2) Print Bags

Zora Cross Body Travel Bag - From B. Eclectic

Second, I currently own two(2) amazing bags from B. Eclectic – a local artisan accessory brand in Columbus, OH that is also a Black-owned business!

The bag pictured above is the cross body travel bag option and my go-to everyday purse.

And the bag pictured below, which is now my daughter’s favorite, is a travel pouch cosmetic bag.

Yll Travel Pouch Cosmetic Bag - from Black-Owned Business, B. Eclectic


(3) Children’s Clothes

Grey Baby Girl Dress from Jamison & Bexley - Local Kids' Clothing Brand

Third, for my daughter’s first birthday, she wore the adorable dress above from Jamison & Bexley– a local Columbus, OH kids’ clothing brand.

Since she’s grown out of it, I’ve since bought her another cute dress from this store!

Now, I own many more items that I’ve picked up from local events over time.

Nevertheless, I’m always open to hearing about new stylish Black-owned brands.

What are some of your favorite black-owned businesses, or recent discoveries?


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How To Incorporate Black-Owned Businesses into Your Everyday Style

Tamara Sykes
Caribbean-Born Gal. Always Plottin' My Next Hairstyle. Encouraging women with a creative spirit to color outside the lines and live a life they love.


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