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It’s The Little Things: Affordable Dental Self-Care with the cariPRO™ Electric Toothbrush + Giveaway

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It goes without saying that it’s the little things that make everyday life beautiful.

And my husband and I are learning that more than ever as we experience parenting for the first time.

We’ve discovered that self-care includes seemingly ordinary things like eating regular meals, enjoying a hot shower, and brushing our teeth.

They may not seem as glamorous as a shopping spree or sporting event but they are meaningful practices that keep us healthy and contribute to us being our best selves every day.

So, are you ready to adopt a similar mindset about self-care?

Let’s get practical!

Let’s dig into a specific self-care practice we take seriously in the Sykes house!

*Drumroll please…*

Brushing our teeth with our cariPRO electric toothbrush.

There’s A First Time For Everything

To be honest, my husband and I had never used an electric toothbrush before until recently.

We initially thought that having an electric toothbrush was an elite dental tool that didn’t quite fit into our lifestyle. Not to mention that we’d assumed that the cost would be out of our budget.

I mean when those types of commercials popped up on our TV, we both turned our interest to something else.

If you think like us, you probably felt the same way lol.

However, I have some good news!

We found an affordable at-home dental care solution!

It’s the cariPRO™ Electric Toothbrush from Smile Brilliant.

And if you’ve been tuning into my Instastories lately, you’ve definitely seen how my family uses it in our daily routine.

Mom and Daughter with their cariPRO™ Electric Toothbrush | Affordable Dental Self Care


What’s So Great About the cariPRO™ Electric Toothbrush?

Well using a cariPRO electric toothbrush is a 5-star experience, even in your home!

  1. Convenience – It’s shipped directly to you and the shipping is free.
  2. Quality At An Affordable Cost – Are you a value shopper? Then you’ll be excited about how this product gives you the most bang for your buck.cariPRO™ Electric Toothbrush Pricing from Smile Brilliant
  3. Easy To Use – There are no complicated buttons or combos to figure out. Simply turn it on and then press the brush mode you want.
  4. Did I Mention There Are 5 Brush Modes? – Clean, White, Massage, Gum Care and Sensitive. Personally, I used the first 3 modes every day. I used the other two mode options whenever I had a little more time to spare in my morning or night time routine.
  5. Long Battery Life! – Each cariPRO™ Electric Toothbrush comes with a charge station. Once the toothbrush is fully charged, it lasts up to 30 days. cariPRO™ Electric Toothbrush in bathroom

And this is real talk.

My husband even shared with me that after the first use, his teeth did feel different.

For me, even though my teeth are my biggest insecurity, I felt more empowered to smile fearlessly after using this electric toothbrush.

Also, fun fact, our daughter loves the noise the cariPRO™ Electric Toothbrush makes as she watches us use them!

Family Brushing Teeth with cariPRO™ Electric Toothbrush | Affordable Dental Self Care


Giveaway Time!

Since the cariPRO™ Electric Toothbrush  has been such a blessing to my family and brings the cutest smiles to my daughter’s face, I am giving away a cariPRO Ultrasonic toothbrush and two premium replacement heads (valued at $119) for FREE.

Just go here to enter:

Once there are 30 entries, I will announce a winner next Monday on Facebook and Instagram!!

P.S. for my international readers, especially my Caribbean family, don’t hesitate to enter because the prize can be shipped worldwide!!

Simply go here to enter: and may the odds be in your favor!!


Pssssttt, I Also Have A Coupon Code!

If you’re positive you’re going to win the giveaway and would love to purchase an extra one…

Or if you’d like to purchase your own today…

Use code baydiangirl20 at this link: and get 20% off your order on me!


Remember, you need it’s the little things and your teeth are one of those things that deserve to be taken care of!

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