February 2017 Phone & Desktop Colorful Backgrounds

So it’s the first day of February 2017, how are those new year resolutions coming? Like on a scale of 1 to 5, have you been taking small steps towards your desired goals? It may not be the question you’d like to hear but it does require some self-reflection. I mean, let’s be honest, the […]

December 2016 Phone & Desktop Colorful Backgrounds

I woke up with the most random thought in my head – “I understand why I’m addicted to Love and Hip Hop” Like what???? There was no indication of why or how I had come to this conclusion but somehow it all made sense. I loved this show. I loved the women in this show. […]

June 2016 Colorful Phone & Desktop Backgrounds

It started with a Facebook status, and became a series of explanations. It wasn’t what I had anticipated but between the bad grammar usage and the constant explanation, I realized that what I had decided to do really couldn’t be understood unless someone could stand in my shoes.

Fringe Vest, Jean Shorts & Wedges

Coachella may be over but festival season has only just begun. With warmer weather comes tons of local and national events that beckon us all to join in the festival fever and rock our most boho chic outfits and unapologetically share our afropunk vibes.

April 2016 Phone & Desktop Colorful Backgrounds

It’s true – time flies. January is far gone and we’re only two months away from the halfway point of 2016. Sometimes I sit back and look at how much has transpired since I told myself that this year would be one where I thrived. Truth be told, my present looks like nothing like what I […]