Hey Mama, You’re Allowed To Have Down Days

Hey sis, I was looking over your blog and I love the content! I also realized that all of your photos are of you smiling. No one is smiling like that all the time. It was another powerful statement from my little brother during our chats. He said it so nonchalantly, and there wasn’t an […]

My Honest Confessions About Being A Mom During Quarantine

I woke up a little later than usual and grabbed my phone. It was time for me to schedule a therapy appointment. In fact, it was past due. For some reason, I had assumed I could postpone my mental health maintenance until the COVID-19 quarantine was over. But a couple of weeks in, and I […]

How We Actually Made A Beautiful & Practical Home Office

My husband and I intended to create a home office perfect for us since the start of 2020. I had begun to invest more time in my personal brand, Baydian Girl, and my husband had begun to frequently participate in overtime projects at work. Too often our laptops took over the kitchen counter or wound […]

How I Achieve “Work Life Balance” From Day-to-Day

How do you juggle it all? It’s a question that I’ve been asked multiple times this past year, especially as I opened up more about my daily life on Instagram stories. And I’m finally ready to share how I balance being a mom, wife, full-time professional and digital creative.

10 Self Care Activities You Can Do Besides Netflix & Chill

Do you have any ideas on how to really make meaningful time for yourself? Yes, I sure do! By now, we’re all familiar with the importance of self-care activities in our life. However, we can all agree that sometimes we get stuck just relying on “Netflix & Chill” to be our way of reinvesting in […]

An Interesting Take On Stranger Danger That I Just Discovered

I’m in a different stage of motherhood now. I’m not sure what it’s called but it involves hearing the word ‘No‘  and my daughter getting into everything. It makes me miss the simpler infant stage when my biggest worry was my daughter rolling off of the bed. Nevertheless, I love the moments when my husband […]

15 Compliments You Can Tell Yourself Every Once In A While

Sometimes the self-care you need is a sticky note that says, “I’m that bitch.” Because an important part of investing in yourself is to compliment yourself! And what better time to start the positive self-talk than a new decade?

12 Self Love Affirmations For Each Month In 2020

Do you know what’s interesting? In a world where entrepreneurship and independence are worshipped, many people still struggle with negative self-talk. We outwardly appear strong but inwardly feel like we’re not worthy. Here are twelve self love affirmations you can use to encourage yourself every day during the year! You can even send a cute […]

The Truth About Grooming As A Grown Woman + Giveaway

How do you have money to maintain acrylic, hair, AND makeup every month? It’s the million-dollar question a lot of us ask when it comes to grooming for women. We can’t help it when we see the photos of women in our social media feeds all dolled up on a regular weekday. Like, first of […]

How To Make Quick & Easy Sweet Potato Turkey Burgers For Dinner

Have you ever tried a sweet potato turkey burger for dinner? And I mean, a turkey burger with baked sweet potato slices as the buns. I didn’t until 3 weeks ago! However, since the first time I made it, my family loves it so it’s become a Sykes dinner staple. Here’s the list of ingredients, […]