Hey Mama, You’re Allowed To Have Down Days

Hey sis, I was looking over your blog and I love the content! I also realized that all of your photos are of you smiling. No one is smiling like that all the time. It was another powerful statement from my little brother during our chats. He said it so nonchalantly, and there wasn’t an […]

My Honest Confessions About Being A Mom During Quarantine

I woke up a little later than usual and grabbed my phone. It was time for me to schedule a therapy appointment. In fact, it was past due. For some reason, I had assumed I could postpone my mental health maintenance until the COVID-19 quarantine was over. But a couple of weeks in, and I […]

An Interesting Take On Stranger Danger That I Just Discovered

I’m in a different stage of motherhood now. I’m not sure what it’s called but it involves hearing the word ‘No‘  and my daughter getting into everything. It makes me miss the simpler infant stage when my biggest worry was my daughter rolling off of the bed. Nevertheless, I love the moments when my husband […]

How To Best Take A Great Passport Photo Of Your Infant

Ready for takeoff? Well – maybe not yet! Summer is approaching and you’re ready to take the family on a well-deserved vacation. Or, you have a destination wedding that you need to attend. But there’s one more thing on your to-do list this time around – get a US passport for your infant! You’re probably […]

Labial Adhesions: The Truth About My Rare Postpartum Recovery

It wasn’t too long ago that I spent my evenings preparing for same-day surgery. You see, after giving birth to my beautiful baby girl in the Spring of this year, I experienced a rare difficulty with my body’s postpartum healing. It’s referred to as labial adhesions.

A Raw Exposé On Feeling Invisible As A Mom

It all started with five words. Five words on Instagram that made me stop in my tracks, and face how I truly felt. They were: As a mom I’m feeling… And in response to that prompt, I reluctantly typed, “Invisible…That’s the exact emotion right now.” I stared at my comment, allowing the depth of what […]

30 “Secrets” No One Shares About Postpartum Recovery

Finally, an honest tell-all about what happens AFTER pregnancy. It wasn’t too long ago that I was pregnant with our baby girl and then delivered her into this world. Needless to say, the beauty of it all is forever etched in my memory. However, there were a  few things that took me by surprise. So, […]

FYI: My Mixed Kid Does Not Have The “Perfect” Skin Tone

OH MY GOSH! She has the perfect skin tone – all tan. I’m so jealous. Sad to say, I’ve heard this once or twice in reference to my mixed kid. And, sad to say, I cringe every time I’ve heard the statement. Yes, more often than not, the intention behind the statement is meant as […]

This Is What Being A Black Mom Of A Biracial Kid Is Like

At this moment, I have officially been the mom of a beautiful biracial baby girl for 3 months and 1 week. And it goes without saying, that this has been one of the greatest adventures of my life so far. I thoroughly enjoy waking up every morning, feeding her, cuddling for a bit, and then […]