The Truth About Social Media For Blogging

What role does social media actually play in blogging? Here’s the answer: Social media is a content marketing tool. It is a funnel NOT the end goal. And to help you use it to build an influential brand, here are some practical insights.

A Quick, Simple Guide To Pinterest Analytics

Pinterest, the visual search engine we all know and love, offers insightful analytics! And whether you’ve looked at these metrics before, or you have no clue what I’m talking about, here’s a simple guide you can follow.

How To Enhance Your Pinterest For Influence

Psssstttttt! Have you heard of Pinterest? Yes, that social media platform where you save cool recipes and discover crafty DIY ideas. Did you know that it can generate a ton of traffic to your website? I didn’t when I first became a content creator. But today, Pinterest is the second-largest source of my website traffic […]