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How To Color Block Blue + 5 Awesome Foolproof Palettes

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The little things in life make me happy.

I can’t help but feel I’ve got my life together when my bra and undies match.

Then there’s the fulfilled feeling I get when I’ve crossed everything off my to-do list.

I get excited when I brew my French roast coffee every morning.

And, my absolute favorite, is when I figure out a new color palette for an outfit aka color blocking (and believe me, that can be challenging at times, especially with colorful hair).

But it’s not about me. It’s about you.

You’ve been looking for a new direction for your style – a new way to mix things up.

So my question to you is, have you considered color blocking?


Color Blocking 101

A quick Google search will reveal that color blocking is the use of contrasting blocks or panels of solid, which is a fancy way of saying mixing and matching colors.

It’s a trend that was very popular in the 50s, 60s, and later in the 80s. Not to mention that it is a critical part of interior design and digital marketing. Nevertheless, color blocking has found a permanent home amongst the fashion community and it’s making a comeback in 2017!


How to Color Block Blue

All the excitement aside, it can be a difficult style to pull off successfully. So to get you started, I’ve created 5 awesome foolproof palettes that you can use to color block blue.


(1) Blue + Blue

You don’t really have to go on the opposite side of the color wheel to color block blue. For example, if you have cobalt blue in your wardrobe, simply choose a lighter and brighter shade to pair with it.

Blue + Blue - How to Color Block Blue & 5 Awesome Foolproof Palettes


(2) Yellow + Blue + Brown

Surprisingly, yellow and brown can go a long way when you color block blue. These two tones add a sense of glam and poise.

Yellow + Blue + Brown - How To Color Block Blue + 5 Awesome Foolproof Palettes


(3) Hot Pink + Navy Blue

If I were to be completely honest with myself, I’d have to admit that navy is my neutral. So if you’re just like me, consider adding hot pink to the mix for vibrant color block style.

Hot Pink + Navy Blue - How To Color Block Blue + 5 Awesome Foolproof Palettes


(4) Orange + Blue + Creme

Feeling like stepping out of your comfort zone with a bold statement? Consider pairing an orange and nude with blue for powerful color combo.

Orange + Creme + Blue - How To Color Block Blue + 5 Awesome Foolproof Palettes


(5) Copper + Navy Blue

There’s no doubt that copper is HOT right now! Just take a step into Hobby Lobby or Target and you’ll see what I mean. So why not add it to your outfit? Mix it with navy and you’ll be ready for Fall.

Copper + Navy Blue - How To Color Block Blue + 5 Awesome Foolproof Palettes

Which of these color palettes do you love the most?

P.S. Get access to the ultimate color block your clothes library. Just sign up below!

5 Foolproof Blue Color Combos That You Can Start Using to Color Block Today
Tamara Sykes
Caribbean-Born Gal. Always Plottin' My Next Hairstyle. Encouraging women with a creative spirit to color outside the lines and live a life they love.


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