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How To Create An Easy & Convenient Baby Registry With Babylist + FREE Baby Checklist

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So you’re about to have a baby…what on earth do you need?

Trust me, that’s the question that every new parent asks.

However, there are two more questions that tend to come next:

  1. Where do I get what I need/want for my baby?
  2. How do I let family and friends know?

Well, thankfully, I have a comprehensive solution for all of those questions today!

It starts with a step-by-step guide on how to create an easy and convenient baby registry with BabylistΒ and ends with a baby registry checklist for value-shoppers like me.

I know that may sound backward but bear with me! There’s a reason.


How To Create An Easy & Convenient Baby Registry With Babylist

When I discovered that I was pregnant with our baby girl, my biggest worries included the baby registry.

I was concerned about:

  • Creating a baby registry at my convenience
  • Being able to create a list of items from multiple stores
  • Sharing our list of needs with all my friends and family, especially the ones who don’t live close by and are overseas. Remember, I’m an immigrant – so a majority of my family lives in a different country.

Luckily, as I was perusing Pinterest (my favorite social media platform), I came across, and what I saw was an answer to prayer!


Why Babylist Is The Ultimate Baby Registry Solution

Here’s why!

(1) You Can Put Anything Onto Your Baby Registry From Any Store. Do you like T.J.Maxx, and Old Navy? Do you love Target and at the same time like a baby item from or Etsy? No matter how diverse your shopping tastes are, you can add links to everything. I mean you can even add multiple links to one item so that your family and friends can choose what you want from a store they prefer.Β Genius right?

Add Anything To Your Registry - Create a Baby Registry with Babylist


(2) You Can Add Meaningful Gifts Too! Every parent knows that although diapers are a necessity, having someone to babysit so you can get rest, or having someone cook you dinner during the postpartum healing process is a God-send. So why not add it to your baby registry? Makes absolute sense, right? Babylist has a section entitled It Takes A Village (Help & Favors) that gives your tribe the ability to bless you with more than what you can buy in a store.


(3) Specify Exactly What You Need & Don’t Worry About Getting Similar Gifts. For each item you add, you can specify how much or how many of that thing you’ll need. But what’s even better is that your tribe can also reserve one or more items on the list! These features together create the best communication between you and your village. Not only can they see exactly how much you need, but they can also see if someone else has already bought something for you. Yayyyyy, no unnecessary multiples of gifts! Oh, and before I forget, your friends and family can also reserve a gift they want to buy for you even before they purchase it. PLUS you get a notification of everything bought or reserved so you know exactly what you need to actually buy from your own pocket. It’s heaven!

Guest View of Baby Registry on babylist


(4) Super Easy to Create and Share! My goodness, I can’t even stress how EASY this part is! You can create your baby registry with Babylist on any device – laptop, desktop, iPad or cell phone. All you need is access to wi-fi and then you can go to, or download their app on your mobile device! Download it today from Google Play or the iTunes Store. And sharing? It’s a breeze! You can text, email, DM, etc. the link to your friends and family. Or you can make the link public and searchable on Google.

Easy To Use - Create A Baby Registry with Babylist


(5) A FREE Baby Box + Discount Code! Also referred to as the HELLO Baby Box, you receive this welcome gift close to your due date from Babylist. It’s packed with samples and coupon codes for you and your baby! And did I mention that Babylist also doubles as a baby store? So close to your expected due date, they give you a 10% code to items you choose in their store.


(6) Talk About A Great Communication Tool! At first, I was only going to list five reasons why Babylist is the best baby registry but I had to add this last one because I’m a planner and love when communication is made unbelievably easy.

With Babylist:

  • You can let your village know exactly what you need and the amount.
  • Whenever someone buys something, they can send it to your preferred address. No texts required!
  • You are aware of who has reserved or purchased an item so you can plan for what you may need to buy for yourself.
  • You can share your expected due date so your family and friends have a timeline for gift purchases.
  • You can easily share with those in your village who are out-of-state or overseas!
  • You can keep the URL up and reuse it for as long as you need! There’s literally no rush.
  • You get notifications when the price of an item on your list decreases…or increases!


How to Create A Baby Registry with Babylist

Ok, so how do you create your baby registry with this amazing software?

First, grab your phone and download the Babylist app ( Google Play or the iTunes Store), or grab your laptop and go to

Download the Babylist App - Create a Baby Registry with Babylist


Then sign up!

Once you’ve logged in, you’ll need to complete a questionnaire that will assess your expected parenting lifestyle. For example, are you a parent who will spare no expense for your new baby? Do you have a specific budget? Or are you a value-shopper who doesn’t care about specific brands?

Trust me, these all matter! A baby registry is not one-size-fits-all. It really depends on your unique context!

Next, Babylist will populate a baby registry for you based on the parenting lifestyle you’ve shared! Easy right? But it gets even better!

Baby Registry by Babylist


Let’s say you don’t like something on the auto-generated list, or you still want to add some specialized options…you can just add it in any section!

Simply click the Add Items button on the app or website and click away!

Add Any Item - Create A Baby Registry with Babylist


Plus you can add multiple store links to each item, giving your friends and family the freedom of choice…all while still getting what you want!

Add Multiple Store Links for Each Item - Create A Baby Registry with Babylist

And that’s it!! Voila, you’re done!

But just to repeat, in case you missed it, here’s how to create an easy and convenient baby registry with Babylist:
  1. Download the Babylist app ( Google Play or the iTunes Store), or go toΒ 
  2. Sign up!
  3. Take the Baylist Parenting Lifestyle Quiz.
  4. Add/Edit items on your baby registry.

Now, one more thing.


The Ultimate Baby Registry Checklist

Remember that question, “What do I need for my baby?”

Well, truth be told, aΒ baby registry is not one-size-fits-all. It really depends on your unique context!

[bctt tweet=”A baby registry is not one-size-fits-all. It really depends on your unique context!” username=”baydiangirl”]

But if you’re anything like me – a value-shopping mom – my personal baby registry might prove a helpful starting point!

Just click the photo below to see it or go here:

Baydian Girl Persona Baby Registry on Babylist

Remember, this is based on my experience. Feel free to use it as a reference!

And don’t worry, my real address isn’t visible on this πŸ˜‰

Did you find this post helpful? Let me know in the comments below!
How To Create An Easy & Convenient Baby Registry With babylist
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