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December 2016 Phone & Desktop Colorful Backgrounds

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I woke up with the most random thought in my head – “I understand why I’m addicted to Love and Hip Hop

Like what????

There was no indication of why or how I had come to this conclusion but somehow it all made sense. I loved this show. I loved the women in this show. Mo matter how much they made me roll my eyes, I respected them in some weird sort of way.

Whether it was Cardi B, Jocelyn Hernandez or, one of the Love and Hip Hop New York cast, their raw authenticity attracted me. From the looks of it, they didn’t care what the world thought about their quirks or mannerisms, they were just about the business of progress and being themselves.

And that was my discovery. But that was only the beginning.

Later in the day, as I sat at my desk, I began to listen to Myliek Teele’s latest podcast – the one entitled ‘END of ’16 Podcast! My Friends Don’t Support Me & More!‘ About fifteen minutes in, I felt like life had been given. However, as the episode came to a close, one thing that she discussed stuck with me.

“The first thing we tend to do at the end of the year is to focus on what we didn’t do – what we didn’t become…But you have go back and really take a look at your year. And if it proves anything, it’s that you made it” – Myliek Teele

I mean, this quote made me want to cry, jump, and express a whole range of emotions. It just hit home. It made so much sense.

Here I was at the end of 2016 having overcome so much. For example, rebuilding my blog after losing two years of blog posts, and getting a grip on my finances after being unemployed for six months. Plus, I got engaged and married to the love of my life! I mean what a year it had been. Yet, I had recently started being hard on myself because I hadn’t ended the year exactly where I wanted to be. I hadn’t accomplished doing my devotions every morning nor had I stuck to that exercise schedule I had intentionally created. And I’m not even going to touch on my side hustle goals – I didn’t even come close to what I had set out to achieve. But nevertheless, I had experienced tremendous growth. I had made it through one of my toughest years yet. I was a survivor. I became stronger. I had become resilient. I let go of being perfect and had become me. In that way, I’d made it.

And all of that, all of that is what inspires my colorful background today.

Like Myliek said, instead of looking at 2016 and thinking about everything that should-be, could-be and would’ve been; reflect on those small steps you took, celebrate those small victories you had, acknowledge the progress you have made in all aspects of your life, and after reviewing it all – choose to love yourself.

Enter 2017 saying, “I love me for me.”


Desktop Backgrounds

i-love-me-for-me-black-december-2016-colorful-desktop-background-laptop  CLICK HERE to download this background.

i-love-me-for-me-white-december-2016-colorful-desktop-background-laptop CLICK HERE to download this background.

Phone Backgrounds

december-2016-phone-backgrounds-baydian-girl-freebies CLICK HERE to download the black background

CLICK HERE to download the white background

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