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Denim and African Prints

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This maxi skirt right here was one of my favorite wedding gifts!

African Print Skirt  Denim shirt and maxi skirt outfit  African Maxi Skirt Fall Outfit  Denim and Maxi Skirt

I had no idea that getting married was going to feel like a second Christmas! I mean on that day alone I was blessed to marry the love of my life in front of  loved ones who I knew would support our marriage but I had no idea that we would be showered with gifts too.

Can I just say #BeyondBlessed?!

Hubby and I were so grateful for each gift. It made our transition of consolidating to one household a lot easier. However, there was one gift in particular that I loved – an African print maxi skirt from home girl and bridesmaid.

Like when I opened the gift bag with bae and saw the fabric, I screamed. She was so thoughtful!

A month ago at her rehearsal dinner, I had mentioned that I really wanted a maxi skirt made of African print and that I had already scoped out Zuvaa, the online marketplace for African design. She’d shared with me that her husband-to-be’s sister would be visiting from Africa and that she made them. I immediately asked for an introduction and made it clear that I intended to  purchase at least two styles with the cash I had on hand.

But that didn’t happen.

It was her wedding day and everyone’s focus (including mine) was directed towards celebrating the new couple.

That’s why I couldn’t believe that she’d done this! Like she remembered.

I was floored that she cared so much about that tiny detail, that tiny desire that I had.

I wore it the next day to church with a denim blouse, feeling a like a princess, and like I had a unique piece of my cultural heritage with me everywhere I went.

Do you own one of these maxi skirts? If so, how and where do you wear it?

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Outfit Details: Denim Blouse | Custom African Print Maxi Skirt 

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