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How To Enhance Your Pinterest For Influence

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Psssstttttt! Have you heard of Pinterest?

Yes, that social media platform where you save cool recipes and discover crafty DIY ideas.

Did you know that it can generate a ton of traffic to your website?

I didn’t when I first became a content creator. But today, Pinterest is the second-largest source of my website traffic and that’s second to organic visits from Google.

That took me 5 years to figure out but to make it easier for you, I’m sharing 10 ways you can enhance your Pinterest for influence.


10 Ways To Enhance Your Pinterest

Pinterest is a VISUAL SEARCH ENGINE so that requires you to use SEO strategies to succeed, especially understanding what words your ideal reader is using to search for content online.

With these keywords in mind and these 10Β  ways to enhance your Pinterest account, you’ll be on your way to expanding your brand audience with ease.


(1) Add A Welcoming Profile Photo

This is a basic thing.

But the basic, foundational things matter.

Use a welcoming photo for your Pinterest profile that represents you, your content, your brand.


(2) Update Your Display Name

Also, since it’s important to keep things consistent, update your Pinterest display name to match your brand.

BONUS TIP: Add a phrase that captures the type of content you share.

Update Pinterest Display Name - How To Enhance Your Pinterest for Influence


(3) Create A Brand-Specific Username

Want to make it easier for your ideal reader to find you on Pinterest?

Create a brand-specific username!

For example, my blog/brand name is Baydian Girl. Therefore my username is baydiangirl, which allows my Pinterest profile to be found at


(4) Create A Keyword-Filled Description

Remember when I mentioned the importance of understanding what words your ideal reader uses to search for content?

Here’s a practical way to use that information!

Create a profile description that gives a hint to what categories of content you have to offer, such as blogging tips, outfit ideas, etc.


(5) Convert To A Pinterest Business Account

Were you aware of the Pinterest Business Account option?

Converting to this type of Pinterest profile empowers you to use this social media platform as a strategic marketing tool.

You’ll be able to view insightful analytics about your content and connect your website to your profile in order to better understand your impact.

If you don’t have a Pinterest account, you can choose the Business option from the moment you create one.

However, if you already have a Pinterest profile, follow the steps below to convert to a Pinterest Business Account:

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Go to
  3. Fill out the requested info.
  4. Click Create account.


(6) Label Your Pinterest Boards With Searchable Terms

If your board is about leopard print outfits, label it that way. If it’s about email marketing resources, use that phrase!

Don’t make this complicated.

For example, I have a board that is dedicated to colorful outfits.

Use Board Description - How To Enhance Your Pinterest For Influence


(7) Utilize The Board Description

Now that you’ve labeled your Pinterest boards, optimize them by adding context in the board description.

In this field, you’ll want to use sentences that best describe the type of content you’ll be storing in each specific board.

Not only is this helpful information for a viewer, but it also helps increase the chances of your content being discovered via search.

Utilize Board Description - How To Enhance Your Pinterest For Influence



(8) Create Uniform Board Covers

Ok, so this is one of my favorite Pinterest features!

I love organization! I mean, I color code my closet for heaven’s sake!

Anyway, back to the point.

A great way to enhance your Pinterest for influence is to create branded board covers.

It’s one of the main advantages you have to make your Pinterest profile feel like an extension of your content creation platforms AND it makes navigating your content effortlessly user-friendly.

All you need is a graphics tool like Canva, a blank canvas that is 736px x 736px and you are good to go!

Create Pinterest Board Covers - How To Enhance Your Pinterest For Influence



(9) Add Niche-Specific Sections

Ooo that reminds me! Did you know that you can create sections within a Pinterest board?

I was so excited when I discovered this!

Let’s say you have a board dedicated to Quotes, you could then add niche-specific sections within that board labeled as Business Quotes, Marketing Quotes, Self-Care Quotes, etc.

Think of it like having a super-organized pantry with cool labels.

Use Pinterest Sections - How To Enhance Your Pinterest For Influence



(10) Use Featured Boards

Lastly, once you have a Pinterest business account, you can utilize the Featured Boards slider in the Overview tab to create a welcome series for anyone who discovers your profile.

Pinterest gives you the option to add up to 5 boards so that you can intentionally introduce who you are and what your platform is about.

Pinterest Featured Boards - How To Enhance Your Pinterest for Influence


And that’s it!

Those are 10 easy ways to enhance your Pinterest for influence!

Which one of these Pinterest tips was most helpful?


How To Enhance Your Pinterest For Influence
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