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What The Elf? An Effortless Family Christmas Photoshoot Idea

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This holiday season consists of a lot of firsts for our little family!

First Christmas tree.

First Christmas with a baby.

And…First family Christmas photoshoot.

As you can imagine, starting our Christmas decor and traditions from scratch was a bit stressful.

I mean, I had no idea that the tree skirt I wanted would cost so much! Not to mention, it took me forever to find the copper and blue ornaments that matched my preferred color palette.

Luckily, T.J. Maxx and Target came in clutch.

Nevertheless, despite this being my rookie year in all things Christmas, I created an effortless family Christmas photoshoot idea that we plan to make a long-lasting Sykes’ tradition.



What’s This Family Christmas Photoshoot Idea?

It’s simple!

Matching Christmas Pajamas!

In the midst of all the intense Christmas preparation, it’s quick and easy to purchase a set of matching Christmas pajamas from stores like Target or, my latest online discovery, PatPat.

And did I mention that both retailers usually have their options on sale as early as Black Friday?

You definitely can’t go wrong!

Plus, if you like to avoid shopping with the large crowds during the holidays, you will love the option to purchase what your family will wear online.

Ready to see how we captured memories with this effortless family Christmas photoshoot idea?

Keep reading!

What The Elf?

For our first family Christmas photo, we chose our new Christmas decor as the backdrop. Then we wore our Holiday Elf Pajamas that we found in Target the night before. (see my Style Instastories highlight to see the full adventure)

There was no pressure to pose or have a full face of makeup.

Our photographer simply captured us in the moment, just as we were!

Absolutely effortless.

Elf Family Pajamas - Family Christmas Photoshoot Idea 2018  Infant Holiday Elf Family Pajamas - Family Christmas Photoshoot Idea  Daddy and Me Matching Christmas Pajamas - Family Christmas Photoshoot Idea  Holiday Elf Family Pajamas - Family Christmas Photoshoot Idea Effortless Family Christmas Photoshoot Idea - Holiday Elf Matching Pajamas An Effortless Elf Family Christmas Photoshoot Idea

Would you try this family Christmas photoshoot ide next year?
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