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Fringe & The Printed Romper

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So here it is, I am one of the laziest fashionistas you will ever meet….virtually that is lol.

I love clothes but I don’t like it to dictate my day, and I definitely don’t like when it takes up too much of time.

Now keep in mind that I LOVE shopping (or as I call it, retail therapy) but because my life is always on-the-go, my wardrobe requires versatility, durability and of course, my favorites, a bit of edge and sassiness. So when I find an item that accomplishes all these goals, I’ve pretty much satisfied my particular tastes and my budget. Exhibit A – the printed romper below.

Printed Romper  Fringe Heels and Printed Romper  Ulla Johnson Reina Heels  Printed Romper in Spring   Ulla Johnson Reina Heel - Thread Boutique  Baydian Girl in Printed Romper  Bottom of Printed Romper with Fringe Heels  Back of Printed Romper  Printed Romper and Ulla Johnson Reina Heel - Thread Boutique

Rompers in general are some of the most versatile outfits you can purchase. Add heels and they become perfect for a cocktail event like Dine.Drink.Dress 2016 right here in Columbus, OH. Add some sandals, and you are dressed for any day event, from brunch with the girls to a laidback business meeting or a date with your significant other. It’s truly up to you to elevate or downplay them, and that’s easily done with the accessories you use.

Are you a fan of rompers? Or are you still waiting to try them out?

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Outfit Details:  Printed Romper | Ulla Johnson Reina Heel 

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