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A Funky Dress For The First Day Of Spring

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Spring is in the air.

…And I couldn’t be happier about it.

First and foremost, it means NO MORE SNOW! Thank God.

Secondly, it means it’s time for me to pull out that funky dress I wouldn’t have dared to wear during the cold months.

Now, this isn’t any ordinary dress. It’s a colorful piece given to me from my very first fashion mentor.


A Humble Beginning – The Backstory

While I was in college, which seems like a loooonnggg time ago, I felt the need to make a concerted effort towards finding a local fashion designer I could intern for. There was no plan. I simply wanted to be around a local entrepreneur who was in the industry I love.

I didn’t have to go too far to find a creative who caught my interest. While I was on Facebook, I came across a photo of a gorgeous African-American woman in a bright yellow sleeveless blouse. After a few clicks, I found the brand responsible for this work of art – Gorgeous Gaudy Girl. With a little more research, I learned that the owner of this local brand was Nyemadi.

Without any hesitation, I whipped up an introductory email and sent it her way, crossing my fingers that she would take a chance on me.

Here the details get a little fuzzy.

I don’t remember how long it was before I received a reply from her but I know that when I did, there was an ‘oh my gosh’ moment. Like, ‘Oh my gosh, she’s going to take a chance on me.

From that email, we met in person and then she gave me an opportunity – an opportunity to assist her with whatever she needed. In fact, at our second meeting, she had me stand in as a fit model (aka testing how her fashion collection pieces fit on a human being), and the first piece I tried on was this funky dress with a tribal print. That was the last time I did that though lol.

Anyway, my next big task was helping her plan a brand party. It wasn’t anything over the top. Rather it was an intimate setting where there was food, fashion, and community.

I remember doing little things like cutting cake, setting plates, and organizing chairs. Not to mention I ran up and down the stairs to make sure all the right clothing and jewelry pieces she’d made were displayed accurately. Nevertheless, the best memory I had was seeing the fulfillment on her face. As she talked to her supporters, she had a glow about her. She was in her lane. She was in flow. At that moment, she was happy, productive and creative at the same time.

It was a wonder to see, and was one of the most valuable things I’ve learned.


Because I’m Happy

Now you’ve probably already heard me say that your slay starts from within, and that it’s one of the keys to making your outfit look ten times better. But you’ve probably also asked yourself, ‘How in the world do I do that?

Good news! I have the answer!


No, I’m not talking about a cheesy smile.

I’m referring to a personal moment or series of moments that you can’t put into words. I’m referring to those activities you enjoy because you’re darn good at it.

For my mentor, it was creating her designs and then interacting with her customers. For me, it includes things like looking at color palettes, shopping, and even deciding what to wear. Maybe for you it’s creating a meal plan? Or maybe you lose track of time when you do your makeup routine in the morning?

The point is that you’re truly happy in those moments.

And guess what? Being happy never goes out of style! (Thank you Lily Pulitzer)


The Afrocentric Funky Dress

With that being said, happy first day of Spring!

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P.S. if you’re interested in learning more about flow and how it’s one of the underestimated secrets of happiness, click here to check out this TED Talk.

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