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A Fuzzy Sweater, Blue Linen Pants & White Wedges

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There’s no doubt that you can mix seasonal items from your wardrobe for the perfect street style look during those transitional months.Β Because when the weather outside is finicky, pairing Fall items with Spring colors, or Summer basics with Winter outerwear is the way to go when trying to keep your style affordable, and avoid getting rid of things you actually love.

That reminds me of a funny story.

Well, actually something I continuously did…until recently.

Being from Barbados, I’ve only ever dealt with two seasons: wet and dry. The temperature was always generally the same. The only difference between those times of year was if my feet could be wet from the rain or home free in the sum. There were no coats or sweaters. After all, I didn’t want to die from heat exhaustion. My wardrobe was a combination of skirts, jeans, dresses and my school uniforms. Style life was pretty simple. But then I moved to Ohio.

My migration came with a new set of circumstances. There was cold for a majority of the year – at least that’s what it felt like to me. Then there was humid heat in the summer, followed by a brief fall season and a wishy-washy spring.

My first reaction in my first few years was to buy new clothes every season. I mean, why not right? But that got a little pricey. Β So I switched my tactics and began to do a closet cleanse at the end of every season but then I found myself waking up with an outfit in mind, and realizing that I had already given that specific piece of clothing away….and it always happened to be my sweaters! Oh, and there was always the packing away my winter clothes and making room for my spring and summer items at the end of the season. But that always kicked me in the butt when the temperature changed from 90 degrees one day to 50 degrees the next.

Has anyone else done this?

So recently, I finally realized that to truly maximize the potential of my wardrobe, and decrease my frustration level, I had to find a way to mix my seasonal items during the transition months from season to season.

That concept helped me create outfits, such as this one, where I paired a breathable sweater worn in the Fall with a summer linen pant for the Summer. Not only did it create a great look for a fashion show, but it also kept me reasonably warm on a cold spring day without causing me to sweat profusely.

If you’re running into that issue or if you just want to try out this style tip with similar items, you can shop the look below!

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