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A Gender Reveal To Remember

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2017 was the year of the unexpected.

I overcame disappointment, accomplished more than I had imagined, and became friends with uncertainty.

It was the year I gained perspective — something I’d craved for a very long time.

And above all, it was the year that the butterflies in my stomach turned into two tiny feet.


An Eye-Opening Beginning

This is how it began.

One day in August 2017, I began to feel nauseous as I did my routine workout. Then as time passed, my taste buds subtly changed. Instead of eggs and bacon for breakfast, I craved oatmeal and yogurt. Instead of a healthy homemade lunch, I preferred a KFC $5 Fill Up or a double cheeseburger from McDonald’s.

And that was the tip of the iceberg.

After going to bed at 10 PM, I woke up one morning at 2 AM and just began to clean our home. I folded clothes, swept the floors, and cooked a week’s worth of lunch for hubby and I before I went to work. That didn’t usually happen!

But I was still in denial.

That is, until I visited the doctor.

My first visit revealed the sweetest sight — a little baby wriggling and punching in my womb. And then, I heard it — a strong, loud heartbeat of 160 beats per minute.

In that moment, my eyes were opened, and the reality of my pregnancy became real.

I looked to my husband and said,

“Oh My God! You’re going to be a daddy!”


A Gender Reveal To Remember

From that moment on, our minds were in awe and swimming in possibilities.

The baby section in every store seemed more appealing than before, our frivolous desires drifted away, and in a matter of months we felt more grounded than ever.

With this new addition to our life, we began to enjoy the beauty of becomingan idea that tends to get lost in our fast-paced society. We realized that our plans were out the window and that God was orchestrating something even more wonderful than we could ever have imagined.

But one burning question still remained – who would our baby be? What gender was he or she?

What gender was he or she?

We found out on December 19th, and now we want to share this exciting news with you.

Check out the gender reveal photos below done by Coldren Photography, to finish this sentence, “It’s A….

Baby Girl Gender Reveal Photoshoot - It's A  Baby Girl Gender Reveal Photoshoot   Baby Girl Gender Reveal Photoshoot 2  Baby Girl Gender Reveal Photoshoot - Due Date


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