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A Unique Way To Get Your Content To The Top Of Search

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I have no doubt that you know how to promote a post on Instagram or Facebook but do you know how to get to the top of Google search results?

That’s a pretty intimidating question.

But I’m not asking to make you feel bad!

I want to share a unique SEO tip that I discovered while sustaining my own brand.


A Unique Way To Get Content At The Top Of Search Results

There are two ways to get content at the top of search results.

  1. Organic – Earning a spot in search results due to the content on your site without paying for ads.
  2. Paid – Claiming a top spot based on a negotiated payment aka an ad.

The paid option is pretty much like the pay-to-play platform that Facebook has become, and the organic option seems discouraging with websites like Refinery29 dominating Google’s first page.

But did you know that there’s a strategic way to get to the top and bypass the competition by ranking in Google Images?

And it works?

Here’s how I did it.


How I Got My Content To The Top Of Google Search Results Via Google Images

In 2017, I wrote a post entitled Bad & Boujee: How To Rock A Velvet Suit.

I wanted my post to show at the top of search results. However, a quick search of the phrase “how to wear a velvet suit” confirmed that I had some steep competition.

I proceeded to write my post but I also utilized the Alt Text field of my photos to target a low-traffic keyword – “bad and boujee outfit.

For every photo included in my blog post, I used a variation of this phrase.

Β  Β 

Not only did it support the content I wrote at the time, but it also has landed me in the top 3 search results on Google!


And it’s a great accomplishment, especially since the images are ranked above videos and links on Google (see below).


Here’s How You Can Do This Too!

This strategic SEO tip has resulted in consistent and targeted website traffic for my blog since that post was published in 2017.

That’s 3 years of continuous traffic!

Here’s how you can do this with your content too:

  1. Choose a low-traffic keyword that you can use in your photo’s Alt Text field. Use a free SEO tool like Ubersuggest to get ideas.
  2. Create three phrase variations for the photos’ Alt Text fields you plan to use in your content. For example, if you are writing a post about a “spring work outfit,” consider using phrases like “spring work outfit ideas,” “yellow spring work outfit” or “how to style spring work outfit.”
  3. Watch the magic happen! Over time, Google will begin to make your photos more visible in search results and this will help generate website traffic for your content.

Oh, and one more thing!

This is a bonus – you can use this same strategy for creating captions on Pinterest and for the Alt Text field on Instagram.


Was this helpful? Let me know in the comments below!
A Unique Way To Get Your Content At The Top Of Google Search Results


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