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Why I Suggest You Have A Website For Your Blog

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Everyone is wondering…

Should you have a website for your blog in this era?

My answer is, “Definitely, yes!

Like all things in business, your website has a critical role within your brand.

So let’s chat about what that role is and why it’s so important for content creators.


Exactly What Makes A Website Insanely Important

A website is the main structure that holds your branding and content together.

It creates a visible and accessible space for those who need what you have to offer.

For example, think of a house, an apartment, a building.

Would you be able to see it from the curb or understand a blueprint, if there wasn’t any structure?Β 

Or what about this – would a building of any size be usable without any walls?

The answer to both questions is ‘No’ and that’s because we all understand that there has to be a solid form of support in any type of building in order for it to stand.

Despite its digital nature, that same logic applies to having a website for your blog.

Because what makes it insanely important is that it’s the backbone of your brand.

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5 Reasons Why Your Website Is An Asset You Won’t Regret

But that’s not all!

Here are five (5) reasons why investing in a website for your blog is a decision you won’t ever regret.


(1) You Own It!

When you buy web hosting and a web domain to create your blog, you basically purchase online real estate.

You’ve now claimed your digital space, and with that, you’re able to control everything about it.

As a content creator/brand owner, you have the freedom to build, design and promote however you would like!

You aren’t at the mercy of a platform losing its user base or disappearing.

E.g. MySpace and Vine.


(2) You’re Always Accessible To Your Audience!

In fact, while we’re on the topic, I want you to know that with a website, your target audience can also access your content without any consequences.

No longer will they miss your valuable content because of pesky algorithms, or because they just weren’t online that week.

At any time on any given day, someone in your audience can visit your website and read, watch, or listen.

Never having to miss out on the content they love.


(3) You Have The Advantage of Organic Digital Marketing!

Organic digital marketing, aka Search Engine Optimization (SEO), is a game-changer for content creators.

Having a website and following SEO best practices when you create content makes your blog constantly discoverable in search results on Google, Yahoo and Bing!

Just imaging having new, raving fans of your content, simply because they found one of your posts as a result of a search?

And picture this, you didn’t have to lift a finger after creating your post.

Wouldn’t that be great?

That’s an opportunity only available when you have a website.


(4) You Can Participate In Various Types of Paid Marketing!

Did you know that some bloggers make money from affiliate programs and Google ads?

Do you know how they make money from those sources consistently?

Their website!

As a content creator, you can make residual income from being a part of one, or several affiliate programs.

Simply hyperlink a product or service in a complimentary blog post, and voila!

As readers discover your content and find the product/service helpful, they’ll purchase it and you’ll get a percentage of the sale.

Additionally, if you create a Google Adsense account, you can make money when your website visitors click on display ads visible on your site.


(5) You Build Trust!

I probably should’ve listed this first because trust is crucial for any blogger!

With a website you own and control, your audience is able to connect with you, learning about who you are and tap into your expertise.

They have the opportunity to understand what motivates you, what challenges you face, and how you overcome them.

This then makes you human, which creates trust, and that’s the type of brand that results in fans and paid partnerships.


In Summary…

Having a website for your blog provides more than just a pretty spectacle on the internet.

It’s the headquarters for your new (or existing brand)!


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Why I Suggest You Have A Website For Your Blog & Brand



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