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High-Low Midi Skirt, Blue Halter & House of Moruka Tamara Clutch

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So…there’s a clutch named after me. Crazy right?

Well, it started with an email.

After mentioning to Julian, the owner of the House of Moruka – a high-quality Caribbean fashion brand, that I loved her handmade clutches a few months prior. I finally mustered up the courage to mention my interest in collaborating. It wasn’t out of fear that I had waited a while, but rather the high respect I had for her craft, especially being a small business owner myself. I knew it took a lot of work to run a handcrafted business and I applauded her for that.

That one step led to a phone call, which turned into two hours of talking with a woman who I now feel connected to as a Caribbean woman and entrepreneur. Her story and her unapologetic approach to style, drew me in like a moth to the flame. She didn’t care what event she attended, she was going to wear an outfit that truly reflected her. And it wasn’t arrogant or overbearing. It was authentic and deeply refreshing.

So I told her to just create what she felt and I would rock it, styling to fit my personal style but also to share it with you – because I truly believed that her handiwork was something that needed to be discovered.

But again, I had no idea what the masterpiece she would send me would look like. I had never owned a clutch before and with this being my first, I waited anxiously.

“It’s on its way.”

Those words put me on the edge of my seat as I read the message. I felt like a kid expecting Santa to come eat the cookies and milk and leave me a present. But that feeling was multiplied by ten, when I opened the package I retrieved from my mailbox. It was a clutch with leopard print – my secret fave.

I immediately messaged her, expressing my gratitude, asking, “How did you know?”

She simply replied, “I didn’t. By the way, I’m going to name it after you.”

I could’ve cried.

For a fellow artisan to grant me that privilege, especially with their creation was a high honor. Since then,Β I’ve rocked this handmade clutch with Caribbean Confidence.Β Would you like to join me? Would you like to spread the Caribbean small business owner love? Shop the look below!

Caribbean Confidence for #baydiangirl


P.S. See the original outfit post here.

Tamara Sykes
Caribbean-Born Gal. Always Plottin' My Next Hairstyle. Encouraging women with a creative spirit to color outside the lines and live a life they love.


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