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Houndstooth Office Chic

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Sometimes Monday is the hardest day to get back into the swing of things. Even as a creative and aspiring business woman, I tend to wish for an extra day added to the weekend. But that’s not how the cookie crumbles so on Monday morning, I get up, dress up and show up even if I don’t feel like it. However, one thing that’s always exciting at the beginning of a new week, is what outfits I’ll wear while accomplishing my daily tasks. Whether it’s work, grad school or a fashion event, I always want to look my best and each day is a style challenge I look forward to conquering.

During my short time in the corporate world, I’ve learned that the best Monday attire is something simple, easy and chic. Here, I applied this principle by mixing houndstooth – a classic print, with black pants, maroon boots and a scarf tied into a bow with a plain black polyester scarf. On my way to my car, I added my geek glasses, which added an aura of intelligence to my outfit of the day. Super simple with a dash of color and a style that was 100& my personality. You could say it’s a little dorky lol. Nevertheless, it’s a strategic style tip to use on your I-don’t-feel-like-going-to-work days.

What do you think about this style strategy?
Baydian Girl

Houndstooth Outfit 4

Houndstooth Outfit 2

Houndstooth Outfit
Houndstooth Blouse | Black Polyester Scarf | Black Jeans | Maroon Boots


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