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How to Mix Random Prints & Still Look Chic

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Around Thanksgiving last year, I had begun packing for the annual roadΒ trip. It was time to visit and spend time with family, remembering all the blessings given during the year. I looked forward to it. It would be a great time of rest – a time where I’d put my phone and laptop on the back burner and truly enjoy the present. The only question was, what was I going to wear?

Isn’t that the question of the century? lol

Every woman asks herself that each morning and, when she is packing for a trip. It’s as if with a wardrobe full of clothing, we could always use some more clothes to create that perfect outfit that we envision.

For me, at the time, my dilemma included how I was going to be chic and comfy in an atmosphere that was not necessarily fashionable. Don’t get me wrong, fashion is everywhere but each environment may interpret it differently. My trip would involve more of a shabby chic vibe – one which was not necessarily my comfort zone and usually made me feel like I needed to purchase more clothes to truly fit in. Nevertheless, I chose to dismiss my fears and innovate. What was there that I could re-purpose in my wardrobe to best suit the occasion?

And then it clicked. I could mix prints.

Yet the printed items I owned were pretty random and, to the naked eye, they did not even look like they would complement each other. But I’m always up for a challenge so here’s what I did.

(1) I chose 3 different prints with one unifying color palette.

In my case, it was browns and yellows. Each piece – my shirt, my scarf and my leggings, were a part of this color scale so I knew that even though they were completely different patterns, they would still correlate.

shabby chic scarf and print shirt outfitΒ  random prints outfit


(2) I stuck to black.

Well, I mean that I wore black shoes. I didn’t need my footwear to compete with the prints. I needed to add a subtle color to an already busy outfit, and black always does the trick.

yellow and brown outfitΒ  copper, yellow and tan outfit


(3) I kept my accessories simple.Β 

Ever heard of the abbreviation K.I.S.S.?? It simply means Keep It Simple Stupid. Ignoring the additional word, keeping it simple is not just a tip for explaining something or telling a story, it’s also a wise style trick, especially where mixing prints are concerned. Instead of trying to complicate things with your accessories, make them your simple statements.

I chose to wear sunglasses that matched the color of my knee-high boots and then used the accent color on each, which was silver, as the color of my earrings.

silver with copper outfit

Overall, combining random anything is a pretty bold risk to take. However, with these basic steps, mixing random prints and still looking chic is completely doable. Agreed?


Tamara Sykes
Caribbean-Born Gal. Always Plottin' My Next Hairstyle. Encouraging women with a creative spirit to color outside the lines and live a life they love.


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