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How to Style Relaxed Dress Pants for Work in 3 Easy Steps

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There’s one thing I have to admit right now…I’m not a big fan of tight pants.

It’s truly not an insecurity. It’s just a matter of comfort. There is the occasional use of leggings but I truly live in joggers when I’m at home, and relaxed dress pants when I’m at work. How about you?

If you’re answer to that question is ‘Yes,’ then you probably experience what I do when it comes to choosing the comfier version of pants – How do I style them to make a nice outfit? Because, let’s be honest, we want to be comfy and look like an intelligent adult.

So how do you accomplish this? It just takes 3 easy steps.

(1) Choose your pants wisely.

Choosing comfy pants are ok but if your goal is to be chic, purchase those that have some style. It doesn’t need to be obvious but it definitely should make a subtle statement. Try to create a go-to feature, such as a color, stripes, or  polka-dots. Personally, I love prints so that’s my go-to (as seen in the photo below).

vetude joy relaxed style dress pants


(2) Pair them with a blouse in a complimentary color.

For example, if you have black and white polka-dot pants, wearing a red, blue or black blouse will work perfectly. If you have blue striped pants, wearing a blue blouse or, maybe even a copper one, would work! With prints, it can be tricky but my suggestion is to go with the major color in the print and make the blouse that color.

green blouse and copper scarf  IMG_1689


(3) Choose an eccentric accessory.

I know, I know. Why can’t it just be a gold or silver necklace. Well, you can do that. However, if you want to create a signature style – using an eccentric accessory is the way to go. It could be a vintage item like a purse or pair of earrings. Or you could use a piece of jewelry or unique scarf.

relaxed dress pants outfit

And in 3 easy steps you’ve created that versatile yet relaxed outfit!

IMG_1701 Outfit Details: Baydian Shabby Chic Scarf / Forever 21 Blouse / Vetude Joy Anwar in July Pants / Booties

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