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How To Wear Blue and Yellow In Any Season

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Ayyyyyyyeeeee!!! Today is the day that I get to obnoxiously remind everyone that I bleed blue and yellow because it’s Barbados’ Independence Day! 

And naturally, as a Bajan-bred native, I have to spread the love of my nation’s colors even though I live in the United States. So here goes, how to wear blue and yellow in any season, especially if you want to celebrate your Barbadian or Caribbean heritage.


How To Wear Blue And Yellow In Any Season

Let’s start with the Fall since that’s the current weather status where I live.

(1) Headwraps, Knit & Black 

You can take a risk and mix prints and textures by pairing a bright yellow sweater with a funky print pant and a complementary blue scarf. To finish the look add a subtle yet colorful gold necklace but keep your remaining accessories monochromatic.


(2) Bandanas & Fur

Are your favorite colors black, pitch black, dark black, pastel black, light black and faded black? No worries! Add blue and/or yellow to your wardrobe with a bandana and maybe even try wearing it a new way, like around your ankle!


Now let’s move to winter, when the cold can be unbearable.

(3) Metallics, Pastels & Studs

If Cookie Lyon is your twin, then this outfit is you! It’s not literally blue and yellow but take a gamble and mix a gold sweater with those pastel blue pants you wore in the spring. It’s a downright bad-ass look that is guaranteed to make people stop and stare.


Next, we have Spring, which is my second favorite season.

(4) Prints, Joggers & Ease

As Spring Break, Easter and all things road trip approach, playing with tomboy chic and comfortable street style is the way to go. Simply pair a print shirt with joggers and the ever-handy combat boots and you’ll be ready to travel in style. Another tip, use your necklace to add the pop of yellow.


(5) Denim & A Maxi

Again, mixing blue and yellow doesn’t have to be a literal translation. Use a print maxi skirt that consists of the two colors, pair it with a denim shirt (which counts as blue) and glide around on cloud nine as you go wot work, run errands or hang with friends.


And last but not least, summer.

(6) Halters, Midis & A Clutch

Ready to show some skin? Style a halter with a midi skirt and you’ll have the perfect date night or cocktail event outfit!


Overall, whether it’s a literal combination of blue and yellow or a close cousin pairing that you choose to do, you can wear blue and yellow in any season and for several occasions!

Which one of these looks is your favorite?

Tamara Sykes
Caribbean-Born Gal. Always Plottin' My Next Hairstyle. Encouraging women with a creative spirit to color outside the lines and live a life they love.


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