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I ♥ Fall Tag

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Today, in a strange turn of events 🙂 , I’m taking a quick break from the fashion posts. I was recently tagged by Kelsey from Leather & Lipstick to do the I ♥ Fall Tag, so I’m returning the favor today and tagging a few of my favorite bloggers to do it as well. I tag:


Now, let’s do this!

1. Favorite fall lip product?
This is funny but I’m very serious when I say this. Eos lip balm is my favorite fall lip product. Why? My lips get chapped so easily as it gets colder so I can’t leave the house without it!

2. Favorite fall nail polish?
It’s not about the brand for me, it’s all about the colors! I like to wear bright colors during the winter but my favorite is turquoise.

3. Favorite Starbucks fall drink?
Without question, my favorite is a Hot Chai Tea Latte!

4. Favorite fall candle?
I’m not really a candle person lol

5. Favorite fall accessory?
The obvious answer is scarves!! However, my other favorite is riding boots. They keep you warm and make any outfit stylish!

6. Haunted house or haunted hayride?
Oh boy….um…neither? I scare easily lol

7. Favorite Halloween movie?
I honestly don’t have one!

8. Favorite candy to eat on Halloween?
I love sour patches.

9. What is your favorite thing about fall?
I love the leaves changing colors!

– — — — — — — — —
If you want to do this tag as well, feel free to!

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