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A Jeans Jacket To Die For

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It all started with one stare – one glance at the beautiful embroidery that was displayed on the back of that jeans jacket.

It was a moving, complex tapestry strategically placed so that the front of an outfit could speak for itself while the rearview offered a unique perspective for anyone trailing behind.

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Something about this jeans jacket was rooted in culture. It wasn’t just oversized and comfortable, it was a jeans jacket to die for. It could go with anything, spice up anything, be anything.

Am I sounding too obsessed with this thing?

It’s possible. However, there’s a truth underneath – summer 2016 requires jeans jackets and lots of tassels!

Jeans jackets alone are a wardrobe staple that truly should already be in your wardrobe (and I’m giving you the raised eyebrow if you don’t have one lol). They can be paired over a t-shirt or tee, and – my favorite – keep you warm in the cold work office on ‘Casual Friday.’ They are not part of the infamous fashion trends, they’re a classic.

And, this year, tassels take center stage in the most popular accessory. You can find them on necklaces, on purses, on clothing, like the jacket above, and the list goes on. It’s almost as if the once household decor norm is the hottest thing on the fashion market.

Now pair the two together and you have my latest style obsession.

Are you digging it? What is your latest and favorite 2016 fashion trend?


Outfit Details: Multicolored Tassel Necklace | Embellished Oversized Jeans Jacket | White Cami | Printed Pleated Mini Skirt | Ulla Johnson Esme Boot 

Tamara Sykes
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