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Linen and Fuzz

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I’ve noticed in my 10 years of living in Ohio that the start of Spring is not necessarily a promise of warmer weather. In fact, it usually means rain, cold winds and an occasional sunny week. But after a long, cold and dreary winter, I’m not in the mood to continue wearing coats and boots. I’m ready to show a little skin and trade my enclosed shoes for open-toed ones. (Anyone else feel the same way?) 

So the other day, I paired a cropped sweater with linen pants, creating a warm and fuzzy outfit appropriate for the changing of seasons….and a fashion show.

How do you mix seasonal items during weather transitions?

line-break-grunge-line (blue)

Outfit Details: Firmoo Blue Sunglasses | H&M Sweater |  Pink Blush Navy Blue Linen Pants | Charlotte Russe Wedges


Tamara Sykes
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