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A Reliable Tip To Make Viral Pins On Pinterest

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“I get most of my website traffic from Pinterest.”

You’ve probably heard a few bloggers say that.

But how???

Here’s a tip that you can always use to make viral pins.


An Important Key To Making Viral Pins on Pinterest

If you’d like to prime your pins to get tons of views, you need to do this one thing:

Add keywords to each pin’s description.

For example, here’s a post I wrote about my baby shower and then shared on Pinterest.

In the first photo, you’ll see the keywords that I added to the description. And in the second photo, you’ll see the results in the last 30 days.

Make Viral Pins By Adding Keywords to Pin DescriptionΒ  The Result of Adding Keywords to The Pin Description


Yep, just like that, this post that I posted on June 19, 2018, now brings consistent traffic to my website without me doing a darn thing!

So how can you implement this strategy for your content?

Keep reading for the details.


How To Add Keywords to a Pin

There are actually two ways to add keywords to a pin on Pinterest.

  1. You can add the keywords the very first time you add the pin.
  2. You can edit an old pin and add keywords to the description.


(1) Add Keywords To The Description of An Old Pin

First, locate the old pin you’d like to edit and click on the pencil icon.

The Pencil Icon To Edit a Pin on Pinterest


Then in the Edit this Pin view that pops up, add up to 3 keyword phrases to your pin’s description. Complete by clicking Save.

How To Add Keywords to a Pin - How To Make Viral Pins

VoilΓ , you’re done!


(2) Add Keywords To A New Pin’s Description

Now if you’re adding a new pin, the steps are the same as those I shared above except for the starting point.

To add a new pin on, click on the + icon in the upper right-hand corner.

How To Add A Pin on

Select Create Pin from the dropdown menu.

Create a pin on

Then complete the blank fields in the next window, including adding a description with keywords in the Tell everyone what your Pin is about field.

How to add a Pin on | How to make viral Pins


Use this reliable tip and you will begin to have viral pins in no time!

A Reliable Tip To Make Viral Pins on Pinterest | Pinterest tips, how to use Pinterest effectively, social media tips


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