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Master The Art Of An All White Outfit With These 3 Tips

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I think all white outfits are understated

It was an observation a friend of mine shared while we were walking to Starbucks.

And I couldn’t have agreed more.


A Birthday Request

It had all started with an invite to her 25th birthday party. Besides the time and location, there was another important detail. And no, I’m not talking about the drinks.

It’s ma birthday! So we’re celebrating, BYOB though. also it’s a WHITE OUT, everyone wear white before Labor Day ruins it for all.

I had never been to a white out party before, and I highly doubted that I had an all white outfit in my wardrobe.

This was going to require some work.

So that Saturday, after I had run some errands, I began the hunt.


An All White Adventure

My journey led me to Polaris Fashion Place where I visited several stores, including H&M and Express. But I didn’t find anything that screamed at me.

Feeling quite defeated, I began to walk towards the parking lot, and I just so happened to pass by Forever 21.  And as I did, a scary thought came to mind. Why not check them out? Maybe they’ll have something.

Frankly, I wasn’t too thrilled about the idea.

No offense to them but ever since I had grown some hips, I hadn’t been able to fit into their Size L. And, to take it a step further, if I did happen to fit into something, when I washed it, the item would shrink. That wasn’t really good for my wallet in the long term. Anyone else ever experienced that?

But anyway, I was willing to give it a try. I mean, what did I have to lose?

I pushed the glass door and began browsing, starting with the Sales rack (yes, I do that unashamedly), and then I moved to the full price items.

To my surprise, I found a long-sleeve lace up top that perfectly complemented a distressed mini skirt on the rack right next to it. I placed them over my hand and off to the dressing room I went.

Fifteen minutes later, I emerged with a sigh of relief. I had found my all white outfit. Now all I had to do was style it in a way that truly reflected me, and that was accomplished with three simple tips.


3 Tips You Need To Style An All White Outfit

There’s no doubt that white represents purity and innocence. In fact, I’d dare say it represents a fresh and classic perspective when used in style. However, it’s one of those colors many women shy away from because it is known to enhance what we’re trying to hide.

But let’s ditch that limiting mindset!

Any woman can wear white, even more specifically an all white outfit! All you have to do master this style is remember the three tips below.

(1) Make sure the white items have the right proportions. Basically, don’t buy a white skirt that’s way too tight. Not only will it hug you in all the wrong places, it will probably show your panty line as well. It’s best to purchase white skirts, bottoms or tops that are tight enough to show you’re a woman and loose enough to show you’re a lady. Thank you Grace Kelly.

(2) Speaking of underwear, always wear black intimates or undies that are as close to your skin tone as possible. You don’t need everyone to know what’s going on underneath your all white outfit. Nah! You need their jaws dropping because of how stunning you look when you walk in the room.

(3) Add black and a pop of color to your look. It ALWAYS works. And that’s no matter the occasion.

Wasn’t that quick? Not as hard as you thought right?

You can wear an all white outfit! Just keep these in mind.

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Walking The Walk

Now you’ve got the tea, here’s how I applied these tips and slayed in my all white outfit at my friend’s white out birthday party.

(1) I purchased both the lace up top and distressed mini skirt in a Large.

All White Outfit from Forever 21 - Fall Style  Master The Art Of An All White Outfit With These 3 Tips


(2) I wore those black undies I mentioned. And no one could see anything!! Hallelujer!

All White Outfit - Fall White Street Style   All White Street Style Outfit - Distressed Mini Skirt Look


(3) I used my Cruella De Vil hairstyle as my addition of black, and then to complete the look, I added a holographic choker and pair of shoes.

Holographic Choker Outfit | Lace Up Crop Top Style  All White Outfit with Holographic Shoes All White Outfit For Fall | Distressed Crop Top with Mini Skirt Outfit

Were these tips helpful for you?

What other hacks have you used when wearing an all white outfit?

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