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May 2016 Phone & Desktop Colorful Backgrounds

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The one thing I had never prepared for happened.

In fact, it was the very thing I’d dreaded – my laptop wouldn’t turn on, and I had a lot of work to do.

It wasn’t what I needed. In my mind, I needed to get work done, complete my clients’ projects by the agreed upon deadlines and watch Netflix while I fell asleep. But this – this technology failure was cramping my style. Why in the world would it decide to fail me now?

We all tend to have these moments. Whether it is technology, people, work, or whatever else you can insert here – things tend to go wrong sometimes and they seem like a hindrance to us. The crazy thing is, though, that sometimes the setback is a setup for success.

Yes, I’m going to say that again:

Setback is a setup for success.

Or in other words, it’s a restart, realign, refresh.

You see, when my laptop froze that day, it was a huge inconvenience. However, after a trip to the Apple store, I came out with a cleaned hard drive, knowledge of Apple Business Services and a clean slate on which I could finally complete the business rebranding I had been contemplating for six months. I had finally, in an unexpected way, gotten rid of the clutter from the previous season of my life. Now the page was turned, a new chapter started, and the chronicling of a new adventure was about to begin.

Today’s colorful desktop and phone backgrounds are a gentle reminder of this concept. It’s all about the refresh and the setup for success.

Feel free to download all or the specific one you like and let me know below how you have hit the refresh button in your life!


Desktop Backgrounds

Fuchsia Refresh Desktop Colorful Background CLICK HERE to download this background

Neon Refresh Desktop Colorful Background

 CLICK HERE to download this background

Phone Backgrounds

Refresh Phone Colorful Backgrounds

CLICK HERE to download the neon green background

CLICK HERE to download the fuchsia background

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