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2 Beautiful Ways To Wear A Mock-Neck Sweater

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Raise your hand if you are not a fan of turtlenecks…

Girl, me too!

I like the look on someone else but I can’t withstand the itchiness.

However, to be real, keeping my neck warm during the winter is a necessity. So here’s the stylish compromise I’ve made.


A Mock Neck Sweater Outfit – The Perfect Turtleneck Alternative

Instead of forcing myself into a turtleneck, I have found the perfect alternative – a mock neck sweater!

It keeps me warm, stylish, and itch-free. Plus, I don’t feel as if I’m being choked throughout the day, which is a great contribution to my everyday peace.

Here’s how I wear the item.


2 Beautiful Ways to Wear A Mock Neck Sweater

Outfit 1 – Professional Mock Neck Sweater Outfit

Whether you’re new to my blog or have been a part of my tribe for a while, here’s a fun fact about me –> I’m a working mom.

Therefore, for 5 out of 7 days a week, I head into the office. So, of course, most of my wardrobe is worn to work and that is why I created this professional mock neck sweater outfit.

You can recreate it as well!

Simply pair a mock neck sweater in the color of your choice with wide leg dress pants.

Orange Mock Neck Sweater Outfit - Professional  Mock Neck Sweater Work Outfit Winter  Monochrome Mock Neck Sweater Outfit  Mock Neck Sweater Winter Outfit



Outfit 2 – Casual Mock Neck Sweater Outfit

I’m proud to say that my life isn’t all about work!

I still have evenings, days off and 2 days during the weekend to enjoy more of life!

So on those days, I wear my mock neck sweater with my go-to ripped jeans, and I may wear a hat too. That just depends on what type of hair day I’m having.

But other than that, my casual mock neck sweater outfit is really just a simple pants swap!

Casual Mock Neck Sweater Outfit  Mock Neck Sweater with Hat Winter Outfit  Mock Neck Sweater with Ripped Jeans Outfit  Orange Mock Neck Sweater Casual Winter Outfit


When & Where To Wear A Mock Neck Sweater Outfit

Now that you have these photos for inspiration, when and where should you wear a mock neck sweater outfit?

Here are my top suggestions!

  1. Work: Whether you work in a corporate or more casual setting, a mock neck sweater look is for you!
  2. Bowling: Mock neck sweaters are comfy and allow for great movement.
  3. Subzero Weather: Not sure what to wear when it’s freezing? A mock neck sweater is a great option plus it’s easy to layer with!
  4. Movies: Again, they’re comfy and keep you warm, which is perfect for going to the movies. See more movie outfit inspiration here.
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